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Things we encounter on the way to choose VPS/server

In the past two years or so, Lao Zuo rarely released promotions from VPS hosting companies, and even if there were, there were always companies that were in use or familiar with them. For many new businesses or some old businesses, they also pay attention to some blog websites next door. The first is that there are too many merchants and they have no actual experience. Sometimes they dare not share. The second is that most users have their own judgment and choice ability and do not need to recommend. The third is that each user of any service provider has different purposes and requirements for the project. We need to experience the quality of the project ourselves to know.

 Things we encounter on the way to choose VPS/server

As our users, no matter how fierce the competition in the circle is today, we can maintain a normal attitude of choice to receive the best cost performance. In less than a month's time, the most intensive e-commerce promotion activity in the year is coming. I believe that all businesses and users are ready. Today, Lao Zuo had a whim, and casually talked about choice VPS . Something happened on the way to the server.

First, how to view the preferential evaluation website

Many of us know and Select VPS The host comes from the information of forum and preferential evaluation blog websites. The source of this kind of website information also comes from the subscription mail channels of merchants, as well as several overseas forums. Whether our blogger is a direct translator who moves back or has bought the evaluation experience himself, our users should have their own recognition when choosing.

In the early years, I chose merchants from their brands, operation time, and word of mouth of surrounding netizens, and then tried to choose them. For other evaluation data, it is just a general view, including the line and speed. The most important thing is how you think about the business after your own experience. If you feel bad after the test, you will not renew the fee. If you think it is OK, you may choose a slightly longer time in the future.

Second, how to treat cheap VPS service providers

If we played VPS and servers earlier, we had to stay up late to get 128MB or 256MB of memory VPS for about $15 a year in the early years. Today, many businesses pay less than $10 a year. One is to reduce the cost of hardware, and the other is to compete with businesses. But for our users, we need to be rational.

Lao Zuo wrote an article before“ Talking about the Expectation and Reality of Choosing VPS Host Vendors and Cheap VPS Host Schemes "One wen. We can consider for ourselves if Cheap VPS A machine costs only $35. The configuration and speed should be perfect, which is impossible from the perspective of cost. Besides, we also need to provide work orders and operation and maintenance services. Nowadays, the labor cost is relatively high. Of course, the more expensive the better. It mainly depends on the comprehensive cost performance of the merchants and products, because some merchants' products are expensive, but the performance is also average.

Third, how to view the services of merchants

When Laozuo used Linode in his early years, he could get a reply within 15 minutes after submitting the work order. Now it sometimes takes several hours to get a reply. Some businesses need 24 hours or even up to 72 hours to get a response after submitting a work order. This time difference is really unacceptable for most of our domestic users who want to solve problems in a timely manner. (Because we are used to instant messaging to solve problems)

Most overseas service providers submit work orders to solve problems, even most of them are individuals. The sales host is just a hobby. The processing of work orders is either outsourced to a third party, or they need to wait until they are free after work to solve problems. Whether it's overseas or domestic, if we really need more work order services, we need to filter among these businesses. It doesn't matter if we can solve problems by ourselves as long as the server is stable.

Fourth, how to see the promotion of merchants

Foreigners today are also smart. Maybe they are fake foreign service providers. Every weekend and holiday, there are various promotional activities sent by email. What is the 24-hour or 72 hour time limit? In fact, it is repeated several days later. Including the following Halloween, Double 11, Black Friday, Double 12 and so on, we will see various routine activities of businesses.

If we really need products, Lao Zuo suggested that we should pay attention to the merchants who are easy to use. If there is an activity worth choosing, we should buy it. If there is no need, we should not look at it. Sometimes I see too many promotional activities. Anyway, it's all kinds of entanglements. I feel uncomfortable not to buy. In the past, I concluded that this is a morbid situation. Just close the window without looking.

Fifth, what was said

The left man said everything in a muddle, but I didn't know what he said. Some friends must have read it and felt that they had said nothing. Indeed, I also feel like this. To sum up a truth directly, just look at any business activity and evaluation, and you can prepare two or three of them yourself. It is unnecessary for all businesses to try, and it is unnecessary to waste more time in selecting businesses.

Don't feel that businesses will lose if they fail to catch up with their activities. It is almost enough. There is no benefit or deception. Businesses are always our users. We need to spend less time in selecting businesses, and the cost is proportional to the return. More time needs to be used in actual projects.

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