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Process record of transferring Namesilo domain name to Namecheap merchant

Lao Zuo mentioned in his previous article that the transfer of the Namecheap domain name to the Namesilo merchant is mainly because the renewal of the domain name in the NC merchant is expensive, and at that time privacy protection was not given in the next year, so many friends will transfer to the Namesilo merchant, and it is also cheaper to give permanent privacy protection and renewal. However, at present, NC service providers also offer permanent privacy protection.

Why is it mentioned that the domain name of the Namesilo merchant should be transferred to the Namecheap merchant this time? There must be a promotional event, otherwise who would bother? However, it needs to be mentioned here that if we had originally transferred the NC, it would not be possible to transfer the Namesilo domain name back to the NC. No matter how we tested it, no discount could be offered. Finally, we found the NC customer service and were told that "Thank you for waiting. Unfortunately, the count is not applicable to domains that were previously transferred out of Namecheap", Because this domain name was in NC before, you can't transfer it out and come back again.

Since we are going to write this article, we can't really test the discount. Anyway, we can also record something, or we can waste all the screenshots. So this article will record the process of transferring the Namesilo domain name to Namecheap. We don't think about the price. If we don't have something similar to the above, we can transfer it out.

First, Namesilo platform settings

1. Remove privacy protection

 Namesilo Platform Settings

We need to remove the privacy protection, or we cannot obtain the email transfer code.

2. Unlock

 Remove privacy protection

3. Get transfer code

 Get transfer code

After unlocking and removing the privacy protection, we click Send Email to send the transfer code according to the above figure, which will be sent to our domain name WHOIS mailbox.

Second, transfer the domain name to Namecheap

After the above is completed, we need to log in to the NC account to transfer in.

Get a discount code for later use.

It is detected here that the domain name can be transferred out, but I have set UNLOCK, and here I also prompt LOCK, which is not necessary for the time being, and they can solve it manually later. Enter the transfer code and add the shopping cart.

Here, we can enter the discount code to activate and see the discount. If there is no discount, either the activity is over or our domain name was previously owned by NC, so no discount is allowed.

Finally, we can make payment. We only support PAYPAL and credit card, not Alipay.

III. Summary

1. After we pay, we wait for the step. We need to activate the mailbox to confirm the transfer out. We will operate according to the prompt. If we are always prompted that LOCKED, we need to find NC customer service to unlock manually. After all, we have unlocked in NS.

2. If our domain name was originally transferred from NC, we can't continue to come back cheap.

3. In this article, Lao Zuo did not complete the final discount display, because the domain names he used to have were in NC, so he could not see the cheap. But some netizens left messages saying that they could participate in this activity( Preview - Namecheap transfer in COM domain name only costs $4.88 for 3 days )。

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