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Comprehensive evaluation of speed performance of Jingwen Internet Japanese independent server E5-2430L

Jingwen Internet, a domestic host company, has seen Laozuo many times in his early years, and has developed to date. There are not many business activities and few promotions at low prices. Today, merchants are mainly Asian data centers, including computer rooms in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Los Angeles. Recently, there are new Japanese independent server Business. For the independent server business, ordinary users rarely use it. After all, the cost and configuration are excessive. A VPS is enough for ordinary users.

In this article, Lao Zuo asked for one Japanese independent server Test machine. In this article, we simply experience the speed and performance of the Japanese independent server E5-2430L.

First, Jingwen Internet official website

Official website address:

At present, the merchant activity is to use the Y4WG2 discount code to enjoy a 20% discount, and if the quarterly payment is more than that, the same memory will be given (a work order application needs to be submitted). The details also need to be based on the actual situation. If you need to buy, you can consult the official first. After all, the information is timely.

Second, PING speed test

 PING speed test

Third, route tracking test

 Route tracing test

Fourth, configuration and IO read-write

Fifth, domestic node speed

 Domestic node speed

In conclusion, the speed is really good. After all, it is the Asian data center. However, the price is not cheap. We don't need to choose general projects. If the project is profitable and really needs to be selected, we can choose another project.

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