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The problem about Linode account keeping credit card information bound

Today, Linode Although the price of VPS hosting companies is not as high, rich and handsome as before, most users can afford it from the perspective of cost. However, the purchase threshold still remains that you must use a credit card to bind your registered account, but you can use PAYPAL when you renew and recharge. Linode The online advantages of merchants' products have not been greatly improved, but there are still some users who choose the multi machine room and hourly billing mode.

Last week, Lao Zuo's Linode account (in fact, a machine that has not been used and opened for a long time) received a work order as follows:

Recently we noticed that your account does not have valid payment information listed in the Linode Manager.

According to Section 3 of our Terms of Service the following is listed under Prohibited Usage: “Providing False Data on any Contract or Application: including fraudulent use of credit card numbers.”
The credit card you currently have listed with us is not a valid credit card number and we must now require that you update that information to reflect your valid credit card number within 96 hours.

If you have not updated your payment information within 96 hours we will be forced to suspend your account.
Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns about this.

It means that the credit card originally bound in my account has expired and needs to be updated. Otherwise, my account will be suspended in 96 hours. Although the account does not have a few cents in balance, the account will be kept anyway. We know that the credit card has a valid period and will be prompted to expire after expiration.

At first, I thought it would be OK to change a credit card with a longer validity period, so I referred to“ Linode renewal fee deduction problem and credit card recharge binding account security problem "The general invalid temporary card" 54311111111111111 "mentioned in" can be replaced, and the validity period can be filled in at will. After submission, reply to the work order to inform that it has been updated, and do not lock my account.

The reply to the work order received the next day is that your card number is not good, it is not a valid work order, and it needs to be replaced with a valid one. Therefore, I can only find a valid credit card to replace. After the replacement is completed, continue to submit and ask why the credit card binding is not supported for Paypal payment.

We do allow payments with PayPal but a valid credit card needs to be on the account at all times. Thank you very much for updating your card.

The answer is that no matter when, there must be a valid credit card bound to the account.

In conclusion, when binding a credit card, we can find a temporary virtual card within the validity period and use PAYPAL when recharging, so that we don't have to worry about the deduction of the credit card.

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