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Use Alibaba Cloud DNS API to quickly apply for Let's Encrypt universal domain name SSL certificate

At present, Let's Encrypt Free application has been supported Universal domain name SSL Certificate, and in the previous article, Lao Zuo has quickly applied for Let's Encrypt universal domain name certificate with the help of script method provided by enthusiastic netizens and in cooperation with DNSPOD API (reference: Let's Encrypt Universal Domain Name SSL Certificate Application Cooperate with DNSPOD API to quickly obtain )。 It is really fast to apply through the DNS API, and this script supports most third-party DNS.

It is convenient for different third-party DNS users to use. Lao Zuo has provided the DNSPOD API to apply for universal domain name resolution before, and later he will take time to sort out the articles of regular third-party DNS API to apply for certificates. In this article, Alibaba Cloud DNS API applications for Let's Encrypt pan domain name SSL certificates will be sorted out.

First, install the necessary software package

Running the script directly will prompt "It is recommended to install socat first" and other error messages. You need to install the prerequisite software package in advance. Here's a reference“ ".

1、 Debian/Ubuntu

apt-get update && apt-get install curl -y && apt-get install cron -y && apt-get install socat -y

2、 CentOS

yum update && yum install curl -y && yum install cron -y && yum install socat -y

Second, install

curl | sh


Third, apply for Alibaba Cloud resolution API

Application address:

 Apply for Alibaba Cloud resolution API

After the application is completed, we need to copy the Access Key ID Access Key Secret, It will be needed later.

Export Ali_Key="Corresponding Access Key ID"
Export Ali_Secret="Corresponding Access Key Secret"

First edit the corresponding information locally, and then paste it directly to SSH for execution.

Fourth, quickly issue the universal domain name SSL certificate

~/ --issue -d -d * --dns dns_ali

Before executing the script, we need to make sure that the current domain name has been resolved and Alibaba Cloud resolution is used.

 Quickly issue universal domain name SSL certificate

After the automatic signing and issuing is completed, you can find the certificate at the domain name under the corresponding "/root/. acme. sh/". According to the instruction document provided by the script, it is necessary to copy the certificate to the corresponding location and then to the website.

To sum up, Alibaba Cloud DNS API applies for a universal resolution certificate in the same way as DNSPOD, except that when applying for an API and obtaining a certificate, it is slightly different.

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