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Windows VPS/Server Installation Pagoda Panel Building Tutorial - Pagoda Panel Installation

General website programs and projects can basically run in Linux systems. For example, we often use the website building PHP+MYSQL program. Laozuo still suggests using the one click WEB installation package or the panel. However, some netizens prefer to use the Windows system. Although PHP, ASP and other program applications can be installed compatibly, the Linux system is better for PHP program compatibility, and the cost of VPS and server is still low.

Some user projects and websites really need to run in Windows, which is also very simple. Internet resources are rich, with various free and paid panels and solutions. For most users, especially Chinese webmaster users, they prefer free panels, because we see too many seniors change to pay and the user base drops sharply. Lao Zuo still prefers the idea of free or open source basic software.

Pagoda panel It has Linux and Windows versions, the former is in the blog( BT pagoda Linux server management assistant erection free VPS panel installation and initial setting application )Simple experience and sharing. The Windows system has not yet been shared, so we are going to use the remaining heat of an AliCloud server that can install the WIN system before the expiration to organize a series of WIN system building tutorials. At the early stage, Lao Zuo still relied on the pagoda panel, because the authorities did a better job in updating.

First, system preparation

1. System support

At present, the pagoda panel supports Windows 2003 (x86)/2008 (x64)/2012/2016 systems, so we need to correspond to these versions in the system installation, if not incompatible installation.

2. Configuration requirements

Because the Windows system itself occupies a high amount of resources, the configuration needs to be higher than that of Linux. If we use it in a production environment, it is recommended that the server with the WIN system needs 1GB or more of memory.

Second, download and install the pagoda panel

1. Pagoda panel download

Official website:

 Pagoda panel download and installation

Download the latest installation package from the official website. The latest version is 5.2.

2. Panel installation

 Installation of pagoda panel

Unzip the downloaded installation package, and then double-click Install directly. Select the corresponding directory disk.

 Pagoda panel download and installation

In this way, the basic panel has been installed, but it is still not available for normal site building. The necessary software packages, such as PHP, MYSQL, IIS, have not been installed.

Third, pagoda panel initialization setting system

1. Initialize WEB panel

 Pagoda panel initialization setting system

Here we click WEB panel in the panel menu, and then see the figure above. Initialize the remote link panel, set the path and administrator account. After setting, we can also open (ip: 888) a Linux interface similar to the one we see after login in the URL locally.

 Windows VPS/Server Installation Pagoda Panel Building Tutorial - Pagoda Panel Installation - Page 5

Although it looks friendly, we can't build or add sites yet. We need to configure the required WEB software.

2. Software environment installation

 Windows VPS/Server Installation Pagoda Panel Building Tutorial - Pagoda Panel Installation - Page 6

Back to the main program interface of the pagoda panel, you can see the necessary software in the environment menu. Choose to install PHP or ASP and other programs according to our needs.

In this article, Lao Zuo will not install it. I will use two more articles to share the deployment and testing of ASP program software, as well as the installation and testing of PHP program software.

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