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The process of quickly transferring Dynadot domain names to Namecheap domain name merchants

The annual "Move Your Domain Day" activity was held by Namecheap merchants from noon yesterday to noon today( Details )If we have a domain name that will be renewed by another domain name registrar, we can save money by transferring it out for one year. The regular domain name suffix costs only $3.98. In this article, Lao Zuo recorded the process of transferring dynadot domain name registrars out of the domain name to Namecheap. Unlike some businesses, dynadot businesses support fast transfer out, and general businesses need to wait five working days.

First, preparation for transfer out

1. The domain name needs to be registered for more than 60 days. Generally, it needs to comply with this policy to support the transfer out of the registrar.

2. Domain name unlocking and obtaining transfer code

 The process of quickly transferring Dynadot domain names to Namecheap domain name merchants

We need to unlock the domain name first. Here, you need to enter the birthday information set by our registered dynadot account. Then click the unlock button behind Transfer Lock.

This copies the digital transfer code after the Authorization Code. Of course, we also need to check the WHOIS information of this domain name to see if the mailbox is the one where we can receive mail. If privacy protection is enabled, it needs to be removed. Because it needs to be used to receive confirmation mail later.

Second, the domain name is transferred to the Namecheap merchant

 Domain name transferred to Namecheap merchant

As long as the first step is completed, you can directly log in to the NC account information here, transfer the domain name, enter the domain name to transfer to the discount code, and add a shopping cart to check the price (if you are going for the event, see if the event is over). We'll wait after the payment is completed.

Third, quick transfer out of confirmation mail

It should be faster to receive the domain name confirmation email. This time, there should be more emails to be processed during the event, so Lao Zuo waited about an hour to receive the confirmation email. (sent to the original WHOIS mailbox of the domain name)

1. Confirm transfer out

 Quick transfer out of confirmation mail

After receiving the email, open the URL address and confirm your consent.

2. Quick transfer out consent

 Quick transfer out consent

You will receive an email later to check whether you need to transfer out quickly. If you click the link and agree, you will transfer out quickly. If you do not click it, the system will automatically wait for 5 days to transfer out. I definitely need to transfer out quickly here.

Finally, click the above confirmation button to quickly transfer out, and wait a few minutes to receive an email from NC, indicating that the domain name has been transferred in. We can check whether our Namecheap account has a domain name transferred in.

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