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How to upgrade the configuration of the original old server for free after the upgrade of DigitalOcean

To some extent, Laozuo may think so. It turns out that the price of the Linode service provider is really unfathomable, but with the appearance of DigitalOcean and Vultr, the continuous price reduction and upgrade configurations have also made adjustments to the Linode service providers, so that ordinary users can also buy their products. However, in the past two years, although the configuration and various advantages of these service providers are obvious, the line is indeed a problem.

We see the number of computer rooms of these service providers is increasing, but for most of our domestic users, there is no stable Asian line, and even the computer rooms in the United States are unstable. The speed is acceptable in the daytime, but it is basically not good at night. This time, DigitalOcean merchant memory and other configurations have been upgraded to be similar to that of Linode. Our original servers can also be upgraded to the latest configurations for free.

Here, a machine on the old left handle is also upgraded (although it is not in use), because I just checked that it is not directly upgraded by default, and it seems that we need to manually adjust it ourselves.

First, configuration before upgrade

 Configuration before upgrade

We can't see other configurations. We just look at the memory and hard disk. This is the original data. The new configuration is 1GB of memory and 25GB of hard disk. We need to upgrade at this time.

Second, how to upgrade the configuration

Before upgrading the configuration, although there are no data security issues mentioned officially, we still need to back up data in consideration of security factors, such as local backup or snapshot backup.

1. Shutdown

We need to shut down before upgrading the configuration.

2. Select Configuration Upgrade

Click Resize, and then you can choose to upgrade only memory and CPU, or select hard disk, CPU, hard disk, or we can select the basic 1GB scheme below to upgrade all. Here I directly select the following basic scheme configurations to upgrade all.

3. Start up

After the upgrade is completed, it needs to be powered on to take effect.

Lao Zuo sees that the memory is upgraded to 1GB, but the hard disk is still 20GB, because I do see 20GB and hard disk in the background, but I see 25GB in the foreground list.

Did they really get the copy wrong?

In conclusion, no matter whether DigitalOcean's hard disk is upgraded or not, at least the memory is upgraded. Their architecture, configuration and price are really good. If they have good optimization and Asian routes, it will be more perfect. I'm looking forward to it.

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