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Resolve "Database Server Error" error on Typecho migration server

In terms of convenience and resources, we choose Typecho Both ZBlog and ZBlog PHP programs are better. Although their update frequency and related plug-ins and topics are not particularly rich, the basic log document functions are still sufficient. If you choose a program like WordPress, although it has rich functions and themes, you really need a little technology and the ability to mine documents if you want to use it skillfully in the future, because there will be various problems that need to be solved in the future.

Lao Zuo encountered this problem a few days ago. When migrating a customer enterprise website of the company, it was originally installed in a virtual host. Now it should be uniformly placed in the VPS host in the LNMP environment. According to the normal combination, PHP7.0, MySQL, Nginx and other software support are installed.

 Resolve "Database Server Error" error on Typecho migration server

The database and website files are imported normally, and the database links are modified. After detecting that the parsing is normal, the website is opened unexpectedly“ Database Server Error "Error. It is certain that there is no problem with the database and files. It may be caused by the database version or the PHP version.

After searching for relevant articles, I mentioned that Typecho does not support PHP 7.0, and the database engine needs to be modified to Pdo_Mysql.

 Resolve "Database Server Error" error on Typecho migration server

We need to replace MySQL with Pdo_Mysql in the above image location of the database link file in the root directory of typecho. Then check whether it is normal.

Finally, Lao Zuo can solve this problem by modifying it like this.

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