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Resolve the problem that Oneinstack script limits PING timeout

Judging from the current Linux Web environment one button package script without panel, LNMP and Oneinstack are mostly used. The former has been familiar to everyone for many years, and the annual update of the major version of Children's Day has lasted for many years. Oneinstack is a rising star. It has gained a lot of users in just a few years with its rapid updates, various functions and combinations, and software upgrades and updates are timely.

No matter which script or panel we use, as long as it is suitable for our own functions and projects, each has its own advantages. Friends who use it in depth have also found their own details. For example, many netizens who may have obsessive-compulsive disorder have met before, because Oneinstack script will have some restrictions when it opens iptables by default, such as after opening iptables, Our normal ping third-party tool testing will have a timeout problem. This is not a server problem, but the script limits the frequency of ping.

Some friends feel uncomfortable and want to remove this function, but they also need to keep iptables enabled, because some need to add some port settings themselves.

First, close iptables

service iptables stop

Let's close it first.

Second, modify the rules

In order to see the default rules of iptables after the latest oneinstack version is installed, he quickly found a test machine to install it, and saw the marked line of ping packets per second (he also specifically consulted the author Yeho). We just need to increase the number, for example, 100/sec.

Third, save and restart

service iptables start

After saving the script, start iptables, and then go to PING test to see that it is normal without timeout problem.

Summary and suggestions: In fact, simple restrictions are also possible. If we are not friends with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, it is better to add them by default. If you really don't want to do this, you can remove it. But we need to back up the rules in the front. If you make a mistake, you can restore it.

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