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LAMP (Apache MySQL PHP) one click installation package tutorial (CentOS 5 32bit)

Lao Zuo's previous Linux VPS system One click installation package The tutorial also shared LNMP, LLSMP and MAPN. From my personal point of view, LNMP and LLSMP are still good. MAPN seems to occupy a large amount of memory after Wordpress is installed if it has not been optimized. 512M memory can only install three WPs with an average traffic of 200IP, which may occupy 3-400M memory.

For LNMP and LLSMP, the former needs to set pseudo static manually, and for novice friends, they need to see a tutorial. The latter supports HTACCESS pseudo static script by default, which is easier to get started, and takes less system resources and memory to run the website.

This morning, Lao Zuo had a blog named Centos. bz that shared his own LAMP One click installation package , so I also installed it in my own test VPS to see the effect. The script is not my own. I just introduce it and write a tutorial. The copyright belongs to the original author.

The first step is installation.

tar xf lamp0.4.tar.gz && cd lamp0.4 && chmod +x && ./


During installation, we need to enter the MYSQL database password and select PHP and APACHE versions. Finally, we can install and execute any key.

Step 2: The installation is completed.


After installation, you will see the results shown in the above figure.

last, LAMP usage method.

Lamp add (del, list): creates (deletes, lists) virtual hosts.
Lamp ftp (add | del | list): creates (deletes, lists) ftp users.
Lamp uninstall: Uninstall the lamp with one click (pay attention to backup the data before uninstalling!).

Program directory:
MySQL directory:/usr/local/mysql
MySQL data directory:/usr/local/mysql/data
Php directory:/usr/local/php
Apache directory:/usr/local/apache

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