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Install Linux Mint Xfce desktop system and login method for related settings

Last week, Lao Zuo shared“ Raksmart VPS host comes with Gnome desktop environment and experience Linux desktop system "This article uses the Gnome desktop system in the Linux VPS host vendor's own system OS to install the visual remote desktop environment. Before writing this article, I was preparing to install the Linux Mint Xfce system, because I had a good understanding of Xfce in the early days, and the system resource ratio was small. However, there was a problem after the installation, and I could not connect remotely through VNC.

If a friend who is used to tossing about must have such a habit like me, if something is not solved perfectly, he will always remember it from time to time. Because the machine on hand is about to expire, most VPS hosts will not necessarily have these visual desktop systems, so we are going to try to install Linux Mint Xfce again today, and can realize the skills of remote linking. These processes are recorded here.

First, choose Linux Mint system installation

It should be noted here that not all Linux VPS vendors will default to the system OS with a visual desktop. Here, RAKSmart vendors currently have Linux VPS with these systems. Because some of our projects need to pass the remote desktop test environment. If there is no default system, we can also install the VNC environment or other methods through the Linux system.

Here I choose "Linux Linuxmint 13 X86 64 Desktop Xfce V1" system installation, and then I will see the ROOT password of the current new system. Many times we think that this installation is complete, and then you can log in to the desktop through the VNC client. In fact, this is not the case. We will find errors after logging in.

Second, common new users

If we connect through the RightVNC client, we will see the login user and password. We wonder what the user name and password are? No settings. It is not possible to log in with the ROOT user and password.

Here we need to re create a new user in SSH.

useradd laobuluo
passwd laobuluo

Create a familiar user and set a new user password.

Third, authorize the setting of new users

After the user is created, if we log in, we still cannot, because there will be errors without permission. Here you need to refer to“ Resolve the problem of logging into Linux mint "User's $Home/. dmrc file is being ignored" "This article authorizes user permissions. After authorization, we can log in to remote again.

Fourth, log in remotely to check whether it is complete

PS: If we need to experience the Linux desktop environment, there is no need to install it on VPS, because remote operation is slow, so we can install a virtual machine on our own computer. Or we can find an idle computer and install a deep system. It's still a cool Linux system.

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