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WHMCS Chinese language pack and simplified Chinese method for setting foreground and background

Because some host companies provide API interfaces, Lao Zuo saw that many friends use the interfaces and WHMCS sets up distribution systems. He thought it was good. For example, he saw that many netizens provide distribution of VPS hosts such as Linode and VULTR. According to the scholar, the former may be a program written by netizens themselves, while the latter Vultr officially provides WHMCS plug-ins. Lao Zuo certainly won't do VPS sales, but curiosity prompted me to study WHMCS.

In this article, Lao Zuo found the Happy Edition on the Internet. After all, as a learning purpose, it is unnecessary to buy it. After reading the basic authorization of WHMCS official netizens, it still costs more than $15 per month, so there is no need to spend this money for the time being. In fact, WHMCS installation is relatively simple. Deploy the WEB environment through the panel or one click package, and then just like building a website, drop the CMS program into it and install it according to the steps.

Because WHMCS is in English by default, we still hope that the front desk and back desk are set in simplified Chinese, which makes it more comfortable to look at WHMCS localization The package is installed in the WHMCS I am currently installing, and the process of localization is recorded. If you need it, you can also refer to it.

First, WHMCS localization package

Download address:

My current WHMCS installation is version 7.0, and the current localization package is version 6.1. I have no adverse reactions after installation.

Second, WHMCS localization package deployment

After unzipping, we can see two folders, one is the foreground and the other is the background language package, and the corresponding directory can be uploaded.

Third, WHMCS background setting language

A - Background language setting

In the WHMCS background, select My Account, and then set the simplified Chinese language.

After selecting Chinese to save and refresh, you can see that the background is simplified Chinese.

B - Simplified Chinese at the front desk

In System Settings - General Settings - Coding Language, find the default language setting, CHINESE, and you can see the simplified Chinese in the foreground.

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