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GoDaddy virtual host cPanel panel installation SSL certificate for HTTPS encryption

Continuing with the article that was not completed last week, some netizens mentioned that the GoDaddy virtual host they applied for should be installed with an SSL certificate on the virtual host to achieve HTTPS encryption. In order to really experience the installation process last week, Mr. Zuo also purchased a GoDaddy economic solution virtual host for“ Initialize GoDaddy virtual host - bind domain name, select machine room, configure FTP account "Initialize settings.

Here I choose the virtual host of the Linux system, which uses the cPanel panel. Lao Zuo has also contacted several virtual host vendors of the CP panel before, The cPanel has installed the Let's Encrypt free SSL certificate with one click, but Godaddy doesn't seem to have this function, but it doesn't matter. It's just a little troublesome. If the panel has an SSL installation module, we can apply for another free/paid SSL certificate to install it.

First, initial preparations

1. This article is actually aimed at Godaddy virtual host, which can also be used in other cPanel virtual hosts.

2. At present, the domain name that needs to install an SSL certificate needs to be resolved in advance to point to the current host, because many times when applying for an SSL certificate, it will automatically detect whether it points to the current host, otherwise it cannot be issued for verification.

3. Apply for an SSL certificate for the domain name. Here we can use a free certificate or purchase a paid certificate.

Second, simply apply for a temporary SSL certificate

The time considered here is limited. Lao Zuo will not apply for the SSL certificate to be reviewed, nor purchase the certificate, but use it directly“ Use SSL For Free tool to obtain Let's Encrypt free SSL certificate in 3 minutes "Go to apply for a Let's Encrypt certificate for the test domain name temporarily.

 Simply apply for a temporary SSL certificate

According to actual needs, add the domain name resolved to the GoDaddy virtual host to apply for an SSL certificate.

 Simply apply for a temporary SSL certificate

Here, you can select to manually add the authentication mode.

 GoDaddy virtual host cPanel panel installation SSL certificate for HTTPS encryption - sheet 3

Then add the corresponding files to be verified to the directory/public_html/. well known/acme challenge/for URL opening verification.

 SSL certificate file request succeeded

Here you can see that this interface represents that the temporary SSL certificate has been applied for. This does not need to wait for review, but directly comes down, because what I need here is temporary use, which does not delay time. The above window should not be closed for the time being. It will be directly dropped into the SSL certificate setting text box.

Third, the GoDaddy host cPanel panel sets the SSL certificate

1. Login panel SSL module

 Login panel SSL module

2. Manage Site SSL Certificates

 Manage Site SSL Certificates

Here we have a certificate, so look directly at the Manage SSL Sites pointed by the arrow in the figure above.

3. Fill in the SSL certificate file

 Fill in the SSL certificate file

Remember the above window that should not be closed when applying for an SSL certificate? Fill in the following certificate text corresponding to the three certificate files. Save it finally.

4. Certificate installation completed

 The Godaddy host has completed installing the SSL certificate

After directly saving and submitting, the certificate installation is completed. At this time, we can open the website in HTTPS URL format to take effect.

IV. Summary of Installing SSL Certificates on Godaddy Virtual Host

1. Like many cPanel panels, the Let's Encrypt certificate cannot be installed automatically with one click, but you can manually apply for a certificate and then bind it for setting.

2. In certificate management, we can paste in the certificate file applied externally to activate the certificate.

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