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Pagoda Linux panel quick installation free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate and automatic renewal

Lao Zuo experienced the pagoda Linux panel last year. As a new Linux WEB management panel, it seems that he is still maintaining and upgrading. In the morning, a netizen contacted him to install an SSL certificate for a website in his pagoda Linux panel, because the installation of SSL certificates on this panel requires manual configuration. When you see the current version, you can directly submit your own SSL certificate in the panel and quickly install it Let's Encrypt Free SSL certificate.

This netizen has no special needs, so he directly installs Let's Encrypt free SSL certificates. Here Lao Zuo also records how to quickly install SSL certificates in the pagoda Linux panel.

First, preparations

1. Website has been added

Here we need to have Pagoda panel Add the site and the resolution is normal. You can install the certificate only after the resolution is normal.

2. Backup data

Generally, installing a certificate will not cause data problems. If we are worried about possible accidents, we should back up the data first.

Second, set the SSL certificate

Before starting and setting the SSL certificate, we must make sure that the current website resolution is correct, or the certificate verification is unsuccessful. Then we go to the current site list and "set" the current site again.

 Set SSL certificate

By default, SSL is turned off. We can choose to use the Let's Encryption free certificate or other certificates. Here, we directly use the free Let's Encryption certificate. After clicking, it will be automatically generated after a while. Then click the Update Certificate button to automatically complete the configuration.

In fact, when we visit the current site at this time, we will automatically add the Let's Encrypt free SSL certificate, and will automatically force http to https.

Third, automatic renewal

Because we all know that the Let's Encryption certificate is valid for 90 days and needs to be renewed in advance. Pagoda panel Automatically renew after adding a certificate. It can be seen through crontab - l inspection.

 Automatic renewal SSL problem

In this way, Lao Zuo successfully set up an SSL certificate for this netizen's site.

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