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Simply record the process of installing and building the Prosper202 tool in the LNMP environment

Yesterday, Lao Zuo received an email from a friend asking for help installing it on his server Prosper202 Of course, I heard the name of this program for the first time, and then went to search and learned that it should be a PPV and PPC traffic statistics function. This friend should have a Mobil business alliance, and I don't know how to use it. Anyway, I know that such friends do a lot, especially in advertising China, I have also helped several netizens of such projects to build a WEB environment before.

Installing Prosper202 Previously, I simply searched whether there were such tutorials on the Internet. There were some, but not many, and it was not very complicated. So I directly prepared to use the military brother LNMP one button package to install. I was ready to install the regular environment normally first, and then solve the problem one by one if there was an error message indicating the lack of components.

I. Preparations for installing Prosper202

1. First, we need to prepare the Prosper202 program. The program was passed to me by the customer. It seems that the program is free. It is downloaded directly from AdChina. The current version is 1.8.4.

2. Prepare a Linux VPS, and he gave me Vultr VPS Host, the configuration is 1GB scheme. Then I install the CentOS6 64bit system.

3. Resolve the domain name to be bound to the current VPS host IP address. Since it takes time for it to take effect, we need to do all these first.

Second, configure the LNMP one key package environment

They originally suggested installing the WEB panel, but considering the security issues, I recommend using the one button package, because they also do not log on to the WEB panel management website. (Extraneous remarks: Lao Zuo found that many of his friends are very good at making money, but their technology is really average, while those who are skilled are just so so)

yum install wget screen -y
screen -S lnmp
wget -c && tar zxf lnmp1.3-full.tar.gz && cd lnmp1.3-full && ./ lnmp

Use the military brother's one click package directly. It is estimated that the new version V1.4 will be officially released on Children's Day. You can use version 1.3 first. You can install it normally according to the prompts. For example, PHP uses 5.5, MYSQL uses 5.5, and there is no special new version installed. I'm afraid it will not be compatible at that time, so I will follow the old version.

After the one click package is installed, add sites and databases, which are ready for later installation.

Third, install the Prosper202 program

Upload the program to the added site directory. Of course, we need to finish parsing first. Enter the URL directly to see if you can jump to the installation interface.

 Install the Prosper202 program

According to the prompt, create a 202-config.php file. We will see the 202-config-sample.php file in the root directory, and then rename it. You can set it manually, and then open this page to edit the database information. Replace to the root directory and continue with the installation.

 Simply record the process of installing and building the Prosper202 tool in the LNMP environment

You can see the interface is almost finished. It seems that there is no problem with the Web environment installed by default. You can set our account information directly. Finally, log in to your account and have a look.

 Install the Prosper202 program

You can log in to the background. It seems that the installation is complete. Lao Zuo doesn't know how to use the Prosper202 program, as long as the users are familiar with it. The process is not complex and does not require special component support.

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