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Lao Zuo talks about how to solve the problem of plagiarism of website/blog content

Today, I accidentally saw a friend's interest through trackback Laozuo Blog The content of the blog, which was updated a few days ago, was copied and reprinted, without indicating the copyright. This is also a consistent feature we encounter on Chinese websites. Before writing this article, I also searched whether there were relevant articles to guide us how to prevent blogs/ Website is plagiarized The problem of reprinting. Generally speaking, there are also copies and stickers, and many people use third-party plug-ins or collection tools such as WordPress to synchronously collect data through more intelligent methods.

There are already methods shared by friends on the comprehensive network. Now Lao Zuo sorts out the problems he thinks should be paid attention to when running a blog/website, and also gives some suggestions to friends who are plagiarizing or "reprinting website" content.

First, jointly maintain a harmonious network. With the development of the domestic Internet for more than ten years, the amount of information is increasing rapidly, and the current search engine is also constantly improving the algorithm. For example, today's Baidu Lvluo algorithm update is bound to have an algorithm to judge the originality of content in the future. While relying on a third party to judge original content, we still hope that each of us can abide by the rules of the Internet, such as the original reproduction of content. Only in this way can there be a harmonious and win-win network environment.

Second, websites that reprint or collect content will not last long. Because you are only based on others' websites. If others update, you will update. If others do not update, you will not update. So far, your website has no connotation, just a mirror website.

Third, the handling method. If it really needs to be handled, it is actually very simple. The so-called methods of adding copyright and watermark on the network are only superficial. We can take some advanced methods to deal with it, such as complaining that the host company directly closes the host space of the plagiarized website, or complaining that your domain name registrar directly holds the domain name. The latter two methods are also very simple, with a special complaint form. It's just an English format, and our people seldom do it.

Fourth, we should stick to our own work. Laozuo's blog is just a blog of hobbies, and has no business purpose for the time being. I hope I can accumulate knowledge about my work and study in 2-3 years or even longer. One is to learn by yourself, and the other is to share it with friends in need.

To sum up, today's domestic network environment has become better and better. Although there are many so-called mirror image and reverse generation technologies, it is still necessary to have solid content as the basis for a good website. Only such websites have soul and belong to us.

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