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Several Hong Kong virtual hosts and foreign trade virtual hosts worth buying (cPanel management)

PS Our older webmasters started to learn and use the virtual host when building websites. At that time, ECS VPS、 Independent servers have not been popularized yet, of course, the cost is relatively high. Now, the basic virtual hosting businesses are also in transition. Many well-known virtual hosting businesses have been acquired before, whether they are wanted or not, or closed down.

In fact, the virtual host also has the advantages of the virtual host. The virtual host has its own panel for convenient management, low price and low cost, and the host provider provides host maintenance services. For webmasters who need to use virtual hosts to build websites, regardless of server configuration and host operation and maintenance, we only need to build websites on the panel. At present, many entry-level personal webmasters and foreign trade websites still use virtual hosts. In this article, Lao Jiang sorts out several virtual hosting vendors with current characteristics, including Hong Kong virtual host And virtual host products commonly used in foreign trade.

If we need a virtual host to build a website, we can choose to look at them. They still have characteristics and advantages.

First, candy host

Chinese website is optional, and the computer room in Hong Kong is fast

Sugar Hosts candy host company was founded in 2009. It started as a virtual host company. The British host company, however, is also operated by Chinese. Businesses mainly focus on virtual hosts, and data centers include computer rooms in Hong Kong, the United States, Germany, etc. The virtual hosts are all Linux systems, using cPanel panels, which are perfectly compatible with PHP+MySQL programs, such as WordPress ZBLOG, Zencart, Magento, etc.

Official website address of candy host

Sugar Hosts There are two types of candy host virtual hosts at present, one is regular, the other is mini host.

 Several Hong Kong virtual hosts and foreign trade virtual hosts worth buying (cPanel management)

No matter what type of virtual host, there are computer rooms in Hong Kong, the United States and other countries. Ordinary single entry website, mini Hong Kong virtual host Enough, about 60 yuan a year, isn't it cheaper? Chinese website is optional.

Second, Eagle host

eagle Foreign trade virtual host Shangke Alipay payment

HawkHost is a Canadian host company that started supporting Alipay payment in 2012. It's a relatively old brand Linux virtual host At present, there are many computer rooms in Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles, etc. But the speed of the computer rooms in Hong Kong and Singapore that Laojiang wants to say is not the direct connection speed, so the Chinese website chooses the Hawk host which is slower. Generally used for foreign trade websites.

Official address of Hawk host

Hawk host (virtual host) has two options, the difference is that the hard disk is different in size, and the number of other sites is unlimited.

We can see that the primary scheme has a 10GB hard disk, Professional does not limit disk size. In general, the former is also sufficient for entry site construction. You can use the Hawk host discount code "whtsharedv7" for a 25% discount, and the annual payment for the virtual host is as low as about 150 yuan.

PS: By the end of 2023, there will be a new Professional+plan for Hawk host, which will provide independent IP. If the budget is available, it is recommended to choose this package.

Third SiteGround

American virtual hosting companies mainly promoted by foreign trade websites

If we pay attention to foreign trade websites and personal blogs, we will find that more foreign trade websites recommend SiteGround virtual host. This host company also has a history of more than 10 years, mainly engaged in American virtual hosts, and is also a Linux system. Since many netizens recommend it, it must be reasonable, so if we need to build a foreign trade site, we can choose it.

SiteGround host official website address

We can see that the virtual host is also divided into Web Hosting WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, etc. Generally, we can choose the first one. The cPanel panel is used. We only need to learn how to build a cPanel website( An article Learn the cPanel tutorial - cPanel website building and common function records )。

Fourth GoDaddy

Old NO1 domain name registrar foreign trade host optional

Our old webmaster must be familiar with Godaddy merchants. At present, there are merchants with NO1 domain names. Although there are few promotions in recent years, the strength and users of others are still there. GoDaddy will also be selected, including domain name transaction and rush registration. They also provide virtual hosts, which are also useful for general foreign trade websites.

Official website address of Godaddy host

We can also see the GoDaddy virtual host WordPress host VPS host and other products. Here, you can select the virtual host and the basic scheme single site according to the difference in the number of sites and resource configuration. (The above discount link provides 50% discount for purchase of built-in virtual host)

To sum up, here is a brief summary of four foreign virtual hosting companies. Generally, if our Chinese website suggests choosing Hong Kong virtual hosting room, CN2 should optimize the route. The foreign trade website chooses the American computer room. If it is a European business, try to choose the European computer room first.

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