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The reasons and solutions of website domain name pollution

Due to various possible factors, we encountered DNS pollution and domain name pollution in the process of building the website. After such a problem occurs, our website may not be accessible. Of course, sometimes it is not accessible in all regions. Some nodes are blocked and cannot be accessed. Of course, the final result will affect the visitor efficiency and total visitors of the entire website.

Through the tool, we can see that most domestic nodes resolve some unconventional IP addresses in the PING test of this domain name. But overseas nodes are normal, which is a typical phenomenon of domain name pollution. Generally, there are several possibilities for domain name pollution.

1. Content issues

Our website content may be intercepted due to some or most violations, so it is intercepted through DNS pollution or domain name pollution.

2、 IP pollution

It may be that our IP is blocked due to violation.

When encountering these problems, our first priority is to solve the problem of content violations, otherwise most or even all nodes will be blocked. Of course, there are also solutions. For example, we can solve the problem without expanding it. Secondly, we can solve this problem with DNS pollution processing.

For example, in DNS.COM (here>>) The website provides DNS acceleration service, which can effectively avoid and check the problem of DNS pollution interception, and then automatically repair DNS pollution and hijacking to ensure normal access in most regions. According to the frequency of pollution treatment, there can be multiple strategy options.

Select the scheme according to our budget and required functions. Through the visualization diagram, we can clearly see the effect of solving domain name pollution compared with the original resolution pollution. Through the 100000+network acceleration nodes deployed by service providers, domain names were resolved to six major operators and 31 provinces and regions in advance, reducing the risk of website hijacking due to pollution.

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