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I am a merchant


The word-of-mouth platform helps businesses with data capabilities
Member relationship precipitation and precision marketing

Pan industry

Public praise provides targeted solutions for different industries
Scheme, including beauty, KTV, fitness, etc

FMCG and retail

Rely on big data, accurately reach target users
Diversified Marketing Brings Growth of Passenger Flow and Customer Order

Commercial complex

Provide more online channels to reach users, so that
The business circle that users perceive as "more understanding of you"

Official consultant system

Nearly 10 million waiters in 160 prefecture level cities, 365 days

Provide policy consultation, operation guidance and other services

Ecological service system

Cooperate with operation service providers and ecological service providers to provide

Access a series of services from public praise and payment

Merchant growth system

Word-of-mouth college establishes systematization for different merchants

Training system to help merchants grow sustainably

Customer service system

Through 400 calls, intelligent customer service and professional services

Team, providing 7 * 24 service for merchants

It is easier to download AliAliPay for reconciliation

Simple reconciliation - simple reconciliation, integration of entering and opening stores, simple operation helps you to open stores and run your own business

Operation staff - provide advice for your business through big data analysis

Member marketing - multiple marketing tools to attract new retained users

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I am a service provider

Expand merchants

● Help merchants sign contracts and gain reputation

● Help merchants open stores and manage employees

Operation and maintenance

● Help merchants decorate stores, manage evaluations, analyze data, etc

● Use word-of-mouth marketing tools to help merchants conduct store marketing

Tool promotion

● Promote ISV tools to help reputation ecological partners and merchants

Signing reputation

Service merchant

Get commission

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I'm a developer

Rich API interfaces

Through our rich API interfaces, developers can develop and apply

Various plug-ins are launched on the market to solve store management, payment verification, member marketing

Data analysis and other issues

Clear profit model

The open platform also provides a clear profit model for various applications

Return on sales in the application market

Basic scenario

The "Store Creation" ISV can help

Help merchants quickly open online stores, open stores and sign contracts for face-to-face payment products

One step

Marketing scenario

ISV development of "payment is membership, one click marketing, and single product marketing"

Various marketing tools to help merchants easily carry out member marketing,

Precision marketing, one click marketing and single product marketing

Service scenario

"Ordering, queuing, booking" ISV can provide ordering

Plug in applications such as queuing, booking, and reward to improve service for merchants

Service experience and operating efficiency

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