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 Zblog Responsive Blog Site Template MIPCMS
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Use required reading

To use the MIP theme, please close the first button of [MIP Support Plug in]| Mip verification address

1. Subject ID: mipcms Multi terminal fully adaptive mip theme, both SEO and UI, marketing and nobility coexist, not all good looking vases.

2. Please carefully check the red explanatory text at the back of the form when using it. If you encounter problems, please check whether your configuration parameters are correctly filled in as required.

3. The carousel map and friendship links are not displayed by default. If you want to display them, you can add them in the [big carousel map] and [friend chain management]

4. The default article list supports two styles: 1 thumbnail and 4 thumbnail. To modify the classification, please fill in the classification ID in Classification Settings.

5. Each module in the module free combination mode can be used multiple times. Only the first module supports custom titles. [Module Title] and [Text Description] are invalid when adding the last three modules.

6. This topic has built-in Baidu statistics. Just fill in the Baidu statistics token value in the topic configuration, and then you can view and analyze the website traffic in Baidu statistics and the background.

7. Baidu is built into this theme Bear's paw The transformation of bear palm single figure/three figure plot code has been done. Just fill in the bear palm ID in the theme configuration. After filling in the bear palm ID, you can view the operation data in the background of the bear palm. After being included by Baidu, a button to follow the bear palm can appear on the top of the website. When the page is searched by Baidu, the search result plot can be triggered.

8. The template has built-in mip data automatic submission and mip cache automatic update.

9. This topic has its own tag aggregation page. When creating a new page, select [tags] as the page template, and then write something in the body.

10. The article supports the comment function and the automatic hiding function of long articles.

11. See the demo station for more detailed functions.

Other instructions

★ This topic provides the service of modifying parameter configuration for one time for free, and the paid service will be adopted for the second time QQ:749843418

★ This topic only accepts bug error feedback, and other suggestions are selectively adopted. Please pay to customize the modified service.

Theme configuration:

 Zblog Responsive Blog Site Template MIPCMS Site Template Page 2 Zblog Responsive Blog Site Template MIPCMS Site Template Page 3 Zblog Responsive Blog Site Template MIPCMS Site Template Page 4 Zblog Responsive Blog Site Template MIPCMS Site Template Page 5 Zblog Responsive Blog Site Template MIPCMS Site Template Page 6 Zblog Responsive Blog Site Template MIPCMS Site Template Page 7 Zblog Responsive Blog Site Template MIPCMS Site Template Page 8 Zblog Responsive Blog Site Template MIPCMS Site Template Page 9 Zblog Responsive Blog Site Template MIPCMS Site Template Page 10 Zblog Responsive Blog Site Template MIPCMS Site Template Page 11

Responsive websites vs. traditional websites

 Advantages of five in one website
 Responsive Web Site
Responsive Web Site
 Traditional website
Traditional website

Intelligent adaptation for different devices,
No need to independently develop mobile website


No intelligent adaptation, only suitable for PC end,
Independent development is required for mobile website

One website, universal response,
Extremely low cost and easy maintenance


Different systems and versions, different websites,
Huge costs in all aspects

The website is unique and the weight is concentrated,
Fast ranking improvement

SEO optimization

Multiple websites, too many content with the same weight,
Not conducive to search engine inclusion

1、 Detailed explanation of self-service station building process

2、 Website Template Background Operation Tutorial

 Screenshot of Zblog Responsive Blog Website Template MIPCMS

Enterprise responsive marketing website building package

  • Enterprise Site Template

    The minimum cost of the company's official website and enterprise marketing website template is 188 yuan.

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  • Personal blog template

    The personal blog website construction template can be owned at a minimum of 88 yuan.

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The official brand website is the first window of your brand marketing. Kehu Network will create a full marketing, full platform, full screen, instant full screen marketing responsive website for you;

One responsive website is equivalent to having multiple websites at the same time. It is not only a PC website, a tablet website, a mobile website, but also a WeChat station, a WeChat mall, and access to WeChat, Weibo and other mobile apps!!!

  • PC website

  • Mobile website

  • iPad

  • Microsite+applet

No planning, no website building, help you to do positioning, find selling points, and build value, so that your online marketing can get twice the result with half the effort. The domestic first online optimization matrix mode, so that your website's bounce rate can be minimized, so that all empty slogans can be transformed into actual marketing power, communication power, and transaction power;

In the era of Internet+, you need to create a marketing PC site+mobile site+WeChat+tablet+applet, build a 5-in-1 marketing website for the whole network, and optimize the layout through accurate marketing planning+ultimate visitor experience+whole site SEO, so that your website can easily rank on Baidu's home page while increasing the conversion rate by 300%.

Accurate positioning without detours

Professional website planning in combination with enterprise reality and industry characteristics

Innovative design improves image

Professional UI design in line with brand positioning based on corporate brand image

Whole network, full screen, five stations in one

One website is applicable to all browsing devices at the same time, 5 stations in one

Outstanding advantages, full public trust

Dig deep into the advantages and characteristics of the enterprise, and deepen the viewers' recognition of the enterprise's capabilities

Automatic optimization Automatic ranking

Excellent page layout and content optimization to make the website rank top quickly

It is not difficult to transform and close a deal efficiently

Improve traffic conversion rate by combining customer psychology and marketing oriented layout design

Zero omission of customer service customers in the whole station

The customer service system is displayed on the right side of the computer end and the bottom of the mobile phone end, and every potential customer is captured.

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