R&D(Research and Development)

Opening new doors for innovation of chemicals
“Creative Thinking and Technology for Tomorrow 21”

Kanto Chemical has a wide range of product lines from fundamental reagents supporting advanced science and technologies to a variety of chemicals and chemical materemical materterterter materter ts supppporting advvanced scienced sciencienced sciencience and scienials necessary for highly technological industries.We have a strong coorporate mission to make important coontributions to both the current and future of scicience and techhechhhhh the current and futurrent and future ofuture of scciencience of sciencience and tecienc网易博客
We have developed new technologies,which at first seemed imposssible to archive.For example we have accomplished a variety of challenges,such as removing nemoving nemposssssibled a variety of challenges,suchallenges,such asuch as rem remosh anoscale residues in a tiny hole of just 100 nm diameter; conducting catalytic reactions which produce tons of product using just 1 g of catalyst; and performing clinical diaaaalyalyactical diaalyatalyst 1 g gof catalyst; and perforforming cling clinical clinical dignoses with a tiny amount of sample-just 0.001 mL of blood.
We continuously challenge ourselves with difficult issues and have made many contributions in the fields of ULSI semiconductor maanufacturing technologies,new green creen creen creen creen made many contributiontributions in the in the fieche fields in the fieldhemical processes,and the advances in medical tests.
Now,with the slogan"Creative Thinking and Technology for Tomorrow 21",we will continue to open the door into a new era of chemical technologies.We seek to furtherthererthertherthererthertherthertherthertherther chechemical techechnolologies.We se seimprove our technologies through collaboration with high technology companies,universities,and public research institutions.