Our company actively promotes joint researches with universities, public institutions and companies in various fields. Below are some of the recent publications.

Organic synthesis and catalysts

K. Muto, T. Hatakeyama, K. Itami, J. Yamaguchi
Palladium-Catalyzed Decarbonylative Cross-Coupling of Azinecarboxylates with Arylboronic Acids
Organic Letters, 18(19), 5106-5109 (2016).

K. Muto, T. Hatakeyama, J. Yamaguchi, K. Itami
C-H arylation and alkenylation of imidazoles by nickel catalysis : solvent-accelerated imidazole C-H activation
Chemical Science, 6, 6792-6798 (2015).

N. Arai, N. Onodera, A. Dekita, J. Hori, T. Ohkuma
Hydrogenation of nitroarenes with palladium nanoparticles stabilized by alkyne derivatives in homogeneous phase
Tetrahedron Letters, 56(25), 3913-3915 (2015).

N. Arai, H. Satoh, N. Utsumi, K. Murata, K. Tsutsumi, T. Ohkuma
Asymmetric Hydrogenation of Alkynyl Ketones with η6-Arene/TsDPEN-Ruthenium(II) Catalyst.
Organic Letters, 15(12), 3030-3033 (2013).

P. A. Dub, H. Wang, M. Watanabe, I. D. Gridnev, T. Ikariya
A practical asymmetric conjugate addition to cyclic enones with chiral bifunctional Ru amido catalysts
Tetrahedron Letters, 53(27), 3452-3455 (2012).

N. Arai, N. Utsumi, Y. Matsumoto, K. Murata, K. Tsutsumi, T. Ohkuma
Asymmetric Hydrogenation of N-Arylimines Catalyzed by the Xyl-Skewphos/DPEN-Ruthenium(II) Complex
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 354(11-12), 2089-2095 (2012).

Organic materials

H. Fukagawa, T. Shimizu, H. Kawano, S. Yui, T. Shinnnai, A. Iwai, K. Tsuchiya, T. Yamamoto
Novel Hole-Transporting Materials with High Triplet Energy for Highly Efficient and Stable Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
The Jounal of Physical Chemistry C, 120(33), 18748-18755 (2016).

Inorganic materials

G. Kido, M. Takasaki, K. Minami, H. Tanaka, H. Ogawa, T. Kawamoto, K. Yoshino
Analysis of Cs-adsorption behavior using a column filled with microcapsule beads of potassium copper hexacyanoferrate
Journal of nuclear science and technology, 54(11), 1157-1162 (2017).

K. M. Lee, M. Asai, T. Uchida, T. Kawamoto, K. Minami, A. Takahashi, D. Parajuli, G. Kido, M. Takasaki, K. Yoshino, H. Tanaka
Decomposition of Iron Hexacyabnoferrate Microcapsule Beads Using Superheated Steam
Chemistry Letters, 45(6), 670-672 (2016).

K. M. Lee, T. Kawamoto, K. Minami, A. Takahashi, D. Parajuli, G. Kido, K. Yoshino, H. Tanaka
Improved adsorption properties of granulated copper hexacyanoferrate with multi-scale porous networks
RSC Advances, 6, 16234-16238 (2016).

D. Parajuli, A. Takahashi, H. Noguchi, A. Kitajima, H. Tanaka, M. Takasaki, K. Yoshino, T. Kawamoto
Comparative study of the factors associated with the application of metal hexacyanoferrates for environmental Cs decontamination
Chemical Engineering Journal, 283, 1322-1328 (2016).

G. Ru. Chen, Y. R. Chang, X. Liu, T. Kawamoto, H. Tanaka, A. Kitajima, D. Parajuli, M. Takasaki,
K. Yoshino, M. L. Chen, Y. K. Lo, Z. Lei, D. J. Lee
Prussian blue (PB) granules for cesium (Cs) removal from drinking water
Separation and Purification Technology, 143, 146-151 (2015).

A. Kitajima, H. Tanaka, N. Minami, K. Yoshino, T. Kawamoto
Efficient Cesium Adsorbent Using Prussian Blue Nanoparticles Immobilized on Cotton Matrices
Chemistry Letters, 41(11), 1473-1474 (2012).

Cell culture

H. Yamaguchi, H. Kojima, T. Takezawa
Predictive performance of the Vitrigel-eye irritancy test method using 118 chemicals
Journal of Applied Toxicology, 36(8), 1025-1037 (2016).

S. Aoki, M. Noguchi, T. Takezawa, S. Ikeda, K. Uchihashi, H. Kuroyama, T.Cimuro, S. Toda
Fluid dwell impact induces peritoneal fibrosis in the peritoneal cavity reconstructed in vitro
Journal of Artificial Organs, 19(1), 87-96 (2016).

H. Yamaguchi, H. Kojima, T. Takezawa
Vitrigel-Eye Irritancy Test Method Using HCE-T Cells
Toxicological Sciences, 135(2), 347-355 (2013).

S.Aoki, T.Takezawa, A.Oshikata-Miyazaki, S.Ikeda, H.Kuroyama, T,Chimuro, Y.Oguchi, M.Noguchi, Y.Narisawa, S.Toda
Epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and slit function of mesothelial cells are regulated by the cross talk between mesothelial cells and endothelial cells
American Journal of Physiology Renal Physiology , 306, F116-F122(2014)


Y. Suzuki, N. Takagi, T. Sano, T. Chimuro
Design and synthesis of a novel fluorescent protein probe for easy and rapid electrophoretic gel staining by using a commonly available UV-based fluorescent imaging system
Electrophoresis, 34(17), 2464-2472 (2013).

Genetic engineering / Other

H. Takahashi, T. Satoh, H. Kanahara, Y. Kubota, T. Hirose, H. Yamazaki, K. Yamamoto, Y. Okamura, T. Suzuki, T. Kobori
Development of a bench-top extracleanroom for DNA amplification
BioTechnique, 61(1), 42-46 (2016).

T. Chimuro, H. Kuroyama, Y. Goso, K. Ishihara, M. Kurihara
Discrimination of rat Brunner's gland carbohydrate antigens by site-specific monoclonal antibodies
Carbohydrate Research, 432, 76-82 (2016).

Y. Yamaoka, S. Matsuyama, S. Fukushi, S. Matsunaga, Y. Matsushima, H. Kuroyama, H. Kimura, M. Takeda, T. Chimuro, A. Ryo
Development of Monoclonal Antibody and Diagnostic Test for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Using Cell-Free Synthesized Nucleocapsid Antigen
Frontiers in Microbiology, 7, 509 (2016).

H. Takahashi, H. Yamazaki, S. Akanuma, H. Kanahara, T. Saito, T. Chimuro, T. Kobayashi, T. Ohtani, K. Yamamoto, S. Sugiyama, T. Kobori
Preparation of Phi29 DNA Polymerase Free of Amplifiable DNA Using Ethidium Monoazide, an Ultraviolet-Free Light-Emitting Diode Lamp and Trehalose
PLOS ONE, 9(2), e82624/1-e82624/9 (2014).