In the laboratories, Kanto Chemical’s R&D efforts are enhanced by fusing the unique technologies we have developed over many years with the most advanced science and technology. This allows our teams to develop highly original technologies and products. In addition, we actively promote joint research projects with advanced companies and public research organizations such as universities and institutes, working together to introduce unique technologies and advancements.

Central Research Laboratory
Central Research Laboratory

At Kanto Chemical’s Central Research Laboratory, reagents, chemical products, and electronic materials are the main research themes, where we promote the research and development of organometallic compounds for organic synthesis, display materials, semiconductor device manufacturing chemicals, surface finishing chemicals, high purity reagents for analysis, and functional inorganic compounds.

Isehara Laboratory
Life Science Laboratory

At Life Science Laboratory, we are in engaged in the research and development of biochemistry reagents that are used in life sciences research and in vitro diagnostics which are used in medical sciences.