Si etchant

  • High-purity alkali for Si etching. Please dilute it to any concentration in using.
  • NaOH-CX contains an additive that can suppress metal adsorption on the wafer at low cost.
  • Ultra high purity products can further reduce metal adsorption on the wefer.

Product Line

Products Composition Features
48%-potassium hydroxide solution  48% KOH For Electronic industry
KOHLM  48% KOH Low metal impurities
48%-sodium hydroxide solution  48% NaOH For Electronic industry
NaOH-CX  48% NaOH + Additive For Electronic industry
NaOHLM  48% NaOH Low metal impurities
TMAH-22 22% TMAH Low metal impurities
TMAH-25 25% TMAH Low metal impurities

TMAH:Tetra Methyl Ammonium Hydroxide

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