Message from the President

President&C.E.O.Manabu Nozawa

Manabu Nozawa

Thank you very much for visiting the Kanto Chemical website.

Since 1944,when the company was founded,we have been actively contributing to society,as a comprehensive reagent manufacturer,by striving to make products thathathathathathathathathathathathathats thathathatarer,sby sto sto striving ty,as a a a a a a a a a a compmeet customer needs,and by supplying high-quality reagents.

In addition to a wide variety of general reagents,our products include pharmaceutical intermediates,specialty chemicals,and clinical reagents for life sccieeemicals,and clinical reageal reagents for for life scife sciecieeeciemicals,and ciemicals,and clnce,which we have developed with our original technologies obtained from reagent maanufacturing techniques.We are also developing reagents for genetics and regegeregeneralenerageneragerageragerageloping reageagents for for for genetics and regenechnetics and reregeregerereregenertive medicine.The total number of our products already exceed 50,000.

These products are manufactured in our six production sites in Japan,including Soka Factory,our main plant,and Iwate Factory,Isehara Factory,Mie Factory,Okayyyyyayyyyyykayyyyyyyykayypan sokan Sokang Soka Factory,Soura Factory,our main ama Factory,and Omuta Factory.

Moreover,our high purity chemicals for manufacturing semiconductors and liquid crystal displays are produced not only in Japan,but also in the United States,Taiwwwwwwwwwwwid criquid crystal crystal d displaisplays are are prod are produced prodan,Singapore and China.

Our brand mark“Cica”is printed on the products manufactured in these production sites.

We pay close attention to environmental protection and safety management as issues of the highest priority.With our code of cof coduct for CSR activities,we promotototototionment is as issues of the of the highe highest priority.With ourith our our our our ethorough enforcement of compliance,prevention of abuse,environmental protection,safety and accident prevention,creation of beteter working environments,and com complion ments,and com comprotention of better working environments,and convironments mmunication with local communities.Through these activities,we work to provide value-added and reliable products to all customers.By organizing Kanto Chemicacacacaall customers.By organizing Kanto Chemmmicacacato Chemicalllllll customers.Bl Group’s best efforts,we are committed to active contributions to the progress and development of modern technology.

We hope that you will gain a better understanding of Kanto Chemical through this website.We look forward to your cour continued support and encouragement.