Tencent QQ office concise version Tim PC experience version 3.0 update: support wechat login

2020/3/26 21:58:32 Source: It home Author: South Bridge Editor in charge: South Bridge

It home On March 26, according to it home readers' contribution, Tencent software management today indicated that the PC version of Tim can be upgraded to 3.0 test version, mainly adding wechat login mode and updating software UI style.

The full version number of Tim PC test experience version has been upgraded from to The previous big version 2.3 was updated more than a year ago. The span of version number and time is not small, and the update range is not small.

The first is to add support for wechat login. So far, the PC version of Tim supports QQ and wechat.

Secondly, the software UI has also been adjusted a lot, such as avatar and classification functions from the top bar to the left sidebar, and the style is more low-key.

3.0 experience version


2.3.2 official version

In addition, the new Tim experience version also adds the functions of friend message topping and specified reply to single message.

Update log:

  1. New wechat account login method, multiple login options.

  2. Visual new upgrade, focus on communication, more efficient cooperation.

  3. Friend message add top function, more end roaming synchronization.

  4. Right click a single message to support specified reply and forward, which makes message delivery faster.

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