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Topic introduction 7.3.1

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Writing and reading, recording and reviewing, simple and powerful.

Function introduction

 Responsive design: not just computer design
Responsive design: not just computer design
 New transparent mode: misty rain and misty, with your favorite beautiful background
New transparent mode: misty rain and misty, with your favorite beautiful background
 Dark mode: darker, more focused
Dark mode: darker, more focused
 Reading mode: focus on your content reading
Reading mode: focus on your content reading

Handsome theme: human beings create content, we are responsible for rendering

 Whole station encryption: Black domain in Internet
Whole station encryption: Black domain in Internet
 Classified encryption: encrypting a certain category separately, hiding one's small mood
Classified encryption: encrypting a certain category separately, hiding one's small mood
 Article encryption: a single article is more free
Article encryption: a single article is more free

Private space: an open and free space with boundaries

 Instant search: more timely and more useful
Instant search: more timely and more useful
 Photo album: share your happy moments with everyone
Photo album: share your happy moments with everyone
 Time machine: recall the mood that has not been placed
Time machine: recall the mood that has not been placed
 Background settings: powerful background settings, no need to understand the details of the code, arbitrary manipulation of their own blog
Background settings: powerful background settings, no need to understand the details of the code, arbitrary manipulation of their own blog
 Chart statistics: making everything visible
Chart statistics: making everything visible
 Vdtor editor: modern article editor
Vdtor editor: modern article editor

Exclusive function: all kinds of wonderful

Encryption, creating the black field of open and free space

Want to express, but do not want to be seen, contradictory psychology let encryption help you.

Not only the whole site, classification, article encryption directly, article content can also allow comments visible, login visible, comments support private comments.

function introduce
Whole station encryption After setting the password, the password should be input for all page access of the whole station foreground
Classified encryption After setting the password, all articles in the current category need to enter a password before they can be accessed. It also supports the encryption of the specified date range of the category
Article encryption Support encryption of single article
Part of the content of the article can be seen at login Some of the more private content, you can make part of the content of the article need to log in to be able to read
Part of the article can be seen in comments Don't want to be whored for nothing, leave a comment before you go
Comments privacy comments It can be seen by reviewers and login users. It is applicable to some information comments involving reviewers' privacy

Keep track of your thoughts and inspirations

Handsome time machine support Web, mobile, wechat public account, browser, chrome, Firefox, edge browser extensions , so you can keep track of it. Wechat public account also supports publishing articles to specified categories (it can be set to encrypted category, which can be used to directly write diaries on wechat public account)

function introduce
That year and today The page will display the content of the past 24 months and the same day, recalling the mood of the past and the moment
RSS subscription On the time machine page, you can also subscribe to any other website that supports RSS, and view all your concerns in one page

Make search better, faster and more accurate

Ajax search, highlighting search terms

Video and music, everywhere

"Maybe one day, you can tell someone what you want with music."

function introduce
Built in music player Theme built-in top global player (page switching will not be interrupted) and insert player within the article to add more color to the article. The player supports cloud analysis of Netease cloud, QQ music, shrimp music and Baidu music.
Built in video player Many bloggers are life bloggers, hoping to show some life videos on the broadcast. Theme built-in video player, but only supports playback .mp4. .avi .mkv Etc. video file suffix address.

Count the records bit by bit

You can use the chart to clearly see the dynamic situation of the blog in the past 10 months, as well as the number of blog posts, categories and tags.

Built in vdtor modern article editor

Make your writing extremely enjoyable. Whether you're a heavy user of markdow or a fan of rich text editing, vditor can make you like it.

function introduce
Support article format copy Good article want to reprint, direct copy can maintain the same format with the original article
The clipboard contains images that are uploaded automatically Reprint an article from someone else, but also want to upload the image to your own server, now everything is automatically
Copy image upload CTRL + C Ctrl + V complete

Features that make you more handy

Most of the functions and themes have been built-in, and provide the use of switches, reducing the trouble of finding plug-in adaptation. It allows you to focus on creation without being distracted by other trivia.

function introduce
Article directory tree Make article structure clearer, support computer and mobile phone screen size
Code highlighting It is suitable for users who need to display code
Mathjax formula support It is suitable for users related to mathematical formulas
Picture light box Picture pop-up window, enlarge, Download picture more convenient
Delayed loading of pictures Delay loading images from posts and blogs
Sticky Posts Display some of your own articles at the top
Support CDN and image space acceleration Support image space to automatically replace the image in the article, static resource address for your static space address
Support CDN image thumbnail automatic processing size If your CDN supports image processing, you can use the theme switch to automatically scale the image size of the article and home page, so as to save user traffic and improve speed and fluency
Text typography enhancement In the article, you can insert a button, you can refer to other articles, and display them in the form of article block. In the article, you can insert the expansion box, tab box, video, music, highlight reference, label, photo album
Screenshot of the article A button automatically generates the sharing card of the article, which is simple and good-looking.
Smooth scrolling Let your mouse roll more smoothly
Album module Simple creation mode, support outside chain and inside link picture
Douban list Time machine Filing of articles Message Board Links GitHub project Enrich website modules

Details are equally important

Handsome has submitted 800 + records since it was released. Users' feedback enables handsome to do better.

function introduce
Rich customization of head chart The article can be matched with pictures or not It's up to you to simply send a life diary or officially publish a beautifully typeset article
Automatic identification of outer chain Outside the chain automatically add small icons, new windows open, the site link is no refresh open pjax
Resources that do not need the first page rendering will be loaded dynamically Code highlighting and mathjax only dynamically load JS on the article page. The images of expression and reward module will only load when the user clicks, so as to reduce the number of requests and speed up the access
Local cache function Based on the service work technology, the browser level caching of tourists is realized. After opening the blog for the first time, the JS and CSS of the blog will be automatically cached. The follow-up visit will only pull out a small amount of resources, so that the access speed reaches the maximum
Powerful usage documents From installation to use, FAQ to function introduction, 99% of the questions can be answered here
More powerful background settings For the first time, complete the appearance setting and primary setting configuration to start using For more free configuration, try the enhanced functions in advanced settings, and developers can also use them; No need to understand, modify the code, use the mouse to select, cancel can configure their own blog
User community By handsome user friendships to provide custom beautification tutorial, your blog can be more different
Work order system Similar to the e-mail problem-solving platform, but also support QQ online mode
And more Support to fill in the record number, statistical code, add custom CSS, HTML, JS, pjax animation settings, more details and so on

Loading Just a moment, please

Player is inserted in the article to support cloud analysis songs (Netease cloud, shrimp, kugou, baidu Music)

Insert references to other articles in the article

Theme purchase

Theme price

theme price
handsome for Typecho 88 yuan

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The theme can be modified at will, but please do not resell it after the second modification! The template has no license to transplant any platform. Please do not transplant other platforms after purchasing the theme. (please feel free to use it if you use it yourself)

Questions related to the subject and purchase will be answered within 8 hours.

Suspension of wechat payment

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  • 2. Purchase will be Invite to the theme exchange group and enjoy the theme after-sales service

(please read the purchase instructions carefully before purchasing. Thank you for your understanding.)

After purchase, you will get:

88 yuan= Handsome theme + supporting plug-ins + free follow-up update + basic after-sales service (subject related)


  • Subject usage scope : Typecho theme, support Typecho version 1.0 1.1. Not available for WordPress , support mysql, SQLite, PgSQL database, Apache, ngnix server, php5.5 + version.
  • Theme after sales service Help with topic related questions only , not responsible for any after-sales questions related to the server configuration and Typecho installation (time is limited, please understand), do not send in "do" and "question mark" (these two kinds of questions will not be answered). If you have any questions, just say it specifically~
  • After buying the theme : you will get the theme source code, only own It is not allowed to distribute, resell or share. In case of any of the above behaviors, no after-sales service such as theme update will be provided. As the subject is reproducible goods, no refund will be made after the code is issued. Please understand
  • Provide free upgrade and update service
  • Personalized customization service is not supported You can put forward any suggestions and ideas you have, but you will consider various factors comprehensively, and there is no guarantee that you will adopt them. Please understand. Simple function Support paid customization, please chat in private.

Note: the purchase of handle theme does not include server and typeecho installation.

Working with documents

The content mentioned in the help document will not be answered.

Non topic related issues and the modification of user-defined functions should be discussed in the communication group

Future update direction

  • More humanized and more detailed processing (optimization of 1px per 1ms)
  • More smooth animation processing, more extreme performance loading
  • More elegant text rendering, hoping users to pay more attention to content production
  • More interesting and useful function addition

Update log

Updated to 7.3.1 on August 14, 2020

  • Fixed an error message when the settings button on the right sidebar is turned off and the automatic mode is not turned on at night
  • Fixed the problem that chrome may not be able to read sound (previously, Google interface was used, reading may be unstable due to network conditions, now use browser's local voice synthesis interface)
  • Fixed the problem that the feel button button on the article page does not display when vdtor.js is enabled
  • Fixed the situation that the radar chart of the icon will be broken if there are multi-level classification
  • Repair time machine. Talk about the problem of pop-up in the first review
  • Fixed the problem that the header position of the article is invalid although it is set to center to left
  • Fixed a style issue where the right sidebar thumbnail is not displayed
  • Optimized the vertical screen video's vpla yer style display
  • Optimized the automatic mode of night mode: Apple devices have priority to follow the system settings, if the lower version of Apple devices do not have system settings, follow the time, and other operating systems follow the time settings (because there is no automatic option for night / day settings on Windows 10)
  • Added night time and day time settings
  • Night mode switching optimizes the automatic mode
  • After entering the password, the encrypted article will refresh the interface for reloading
  • When the night mode is automatic, the front desk displays a prompt to switch mode
  • Theme built-in mathjax upgrade to 3
  • The editor adds shortcut buttons for inserting pictures and colored text

Updated to 7.3.0 on August 13, 2020

  • Fixed the problem of blank in some cases of reading mode
  • Click the "reward" button to load the picture on the article page, reducing the traffic cost
  • Fixed a white transparency mask for images in articles with delayed loading enabled
  • Refactoring part of the code to reduce the number of JS and CSS requests
  • Fixed the video height of vplayer is not correct and the video is not displayed completely
  • Fixed a problem where clicking on an image page would cause a bit of deviation
  • The style of the link page is adjusted to a line and two positions on the computer end
  • Add a switch for reading articles (see advanced developer settings for details)
  • Limit the height of the carousel image (previously, a user proposed the limitation, which led to the picture not being displayed completely. Later, it was considered to limit it. Otherwise, the height of each image is inconsistent, which will lead to style problems.)
  • Fixed the problem that the click does not follow in some cases of the directory tree
  • Optimize part of the English translation (you can translate the part without translation, for details, see Multilingual Settings
  • If the content of time machine sent by wechat public account contains music third-party media platform, it will be automatically parsed into playable music
  • Fixed height failure of pjax return to top
  • Rel Nooner attribute is added to the companion chain to optimize SEO
  • The code block style is optimized, and the code block style is modified synchronously when the night mode is switched
  • The first tab of the emoticon module is the image type, and the image will not be loaded when it is opened
  • Fix the problem that CDN is configured, but the expression does not follow the CDN link
  • It optimizes many styles of night mode, including font style and some independent pages, function style and background when reading mode is opened
  • The results of the search page now have a theme interface to return, add search highlight function, and keep consistent with Lenovo search (if there are spaces in the search term, you need to follow the Search box search prompt has content, but the final page does not display the results? To receive and modify the typeecho source code)
  • A logo setting box has been added to night mode
  • Fix that if there are sub categories under the categories in the left sidebar, the list of parent categories cannot be displayed (click the name area of the parent category to display the list of parent categories, and click other areas to expand the list of child categories)
  • Fix the number of articles with category information in the chart information, excluding the number of articles with subcategories
  • Fixed the problem of incomplete calendar display of chart information on mobile phone
  • Fixed time machine send link prompt error problem
  • Fixed a problem with too many local cache functions to capture some requests
  • When the local cache changes, users are prompted to refresh the page to get the latest content (under the premise of enabling the local cache in the handset plug-in)
  • Fixed a problem with switching pages or closing pages without turning off article reading
plug-in unit
  • Updating vdtor editor can solve the problems of cursor jumping and deletion in some cases
  • Under ie11, the front end automatically switches to the native parser of type Cho to solve the compatibility problem
Browser extension
  • Fixed privacy. Talk about it( #Privacy content )Possible style problems in sending

Updated to 7.2.0 on August 5, 2020

  • In some cases, it is inconsistent with the preview parsing of the background editor (a large number of local tests are consistent, on the premise that vdtor.js is enabled)
  • Fix the problem of loading time machine feed
  • 7.1.0 theme package in the CRX installation prompt installation failure
  • Repair of image copy and upload problem of browser plug-in
  • There is a problem with the secondary column setting in the left sidebar (the document has been updated, just follow the document operation)
  • Fixed that the indentation of the code block is not available after parsing with vdtor
  • Fixed a problem with delayed loading of pictures in theme enhancement
  • Fixed the prompt text of the notice button on the right side of the post comment page not to be displayed
  • Fixed that the text in the independent page in the custom template could not be parsed after vdtor parsing was enabled
  • Advanced settings alt_ show":false, "time_ first_ letter:false These two settings have no effect
  • Vdtor uses mathjax parsing engine
  • Type Cho comes with parser theme with built-in code highlighting and mathjax support
  • Possible foreground login problems
  • Mail notification issues where possible
  • Fixed the problem of directory tree not showing in some low kernel phones
  • Fix the problem that the public account sends the article prompt function does not exist
  • Fixed some style issues in night mode and transparent mode
  • Fixed click the browser Back button to load the rainbow bar does not disappear
  • Hide the read button if the browser does not support the read aloud feature
  • Update background editor vdtor version, style optimization
  • Added some prompts on whether plug-ins need to be updated and restarted
  • Part of the code was refactored
  • The handle plug-in adds some editor switches to facilitate the use of typeecho's own editor, parsing method or other editors
  • Optimize the scrolling performance and style of the tree
  • The cache file in sw.min.js cache mechanism is optimized, jQuery and bootstrap are cached, and background related files are not cached

Update to 7.1.0 on July 23, 2020

  • Does the handler plug-in cache give permission or remind that it does not have permission
  • On the list of Douban
  • The typesetting is out of order with vdtor.js
  • Time machine can't play video
  • Time machine can't upload pictures
  • Night mode cannot be modified
  • Low version PHP problem
  • Page problem caused by not opening pjax
  • The style problem of transparent mode
  • The first and second level headings are in a row
  • Article reading problem (the article reading calls the interface of the browser itself. If you can't read it, you can see if the browser doesn't support it.)
  • There is an extra space in the feed
  • The ICO icon is not displayed
  • The style of top navigation
  • Error report after filling in the password of the whole station
  • Random thumbnail error

Update to 7.0.0 on July 19, 2020

New content
  1. New editor vdtor integrated with Typecho And it inherits the built-in function of handsome theme. The next generation of markdown editor is built for the future. Here are the outstanding advantages of the editor

    1. It supports copying and uploading pictures and directly copying the content of web articles. It will retain the complete article format and automatically upload the external chain to its own server
    2. It supports WYSIWYG typora mode, and the simplicity of markdown does not conflict with rich text
    3. Support the direct rendering of multimedia external chain video, directly input Bili Bili, Tencent video and other links in the editor, you can display the video playback
    4. Support common syntax shortcut keys
    5. It supports outline, mathematical formula, brain chart, chart, flow chart, Gantt chart, sequence diagram, staff spectrum, etc Multi-Media , voice reading, title anchor, code highlight and copy, graphviz rendering
  2. Local offline cache static resources, faster access speed In the future, there will be more detailed caching and clearing for local static resources (there are cache opening and clearing in the handler plug-in settings)
  3. The time machine supports comments and adds more interactivity (appearance settings - time machine configuration - whether the time machine enables comments)
  4. Support developer advanced settings (see article for details Developer advanced settings )

    1. Support to set whether the ALT tag of the article image is displayed
    2. Support the number of people in the leaderboard of the message board
    3. Support to set the article page does not display the last update date
    4. Whether the initial text of time machine is capitalized
    5. Chart statistics switch
    6. The right settings panel only displays dark mode content
  5. Added chart display function , see the information of direct blog more clearly and intuitively (the search index needs to be updated in the handset plug-in for the first time)
  6. Added the setting that comments can not be filled in email (in typeecho background - Settings - Comments cancel the check that must be filled in email)
  7. Encryption classification supports the setting of time period and only encrypts for a period of time, which is more flexible
  8. Support the article reading function
  9. Dark mode has come, more intelligent switching (appearance setting - night / day mode) (the setting button can only be seen on the right side by turning on the setting button in the theme enhancement function, which can be adjusted manually by tourists)
  10. When the article image thumbnail is enabled, the individual image of the article can not be zoomed( ![:ignore](imageurl)
  11. Multi level classification is now supported
  12. The home page supports waterfall flow layout
  13. Button, the top navigation bar now supports the feather chart
  14. The article code highlights the addition of copy button The article can read aloud
  15. The article editing page supports one key insertion of picture attachment
  16. The handle plug-in adds a switch that does not update the article index when saving articles
  17. The article reprint type increases the non original type
  18. Support the addition of secondary classification styles in the navigation of the left sidebar
Repair content
  1. Fix alicloud suffix parameters
  2. Fixed page clutter caused by header images in some cases
  3. Fixed an issue where the encryption classification could still be viewed through RSS in some cases
  4. Fix the HTML problem in the word count of the article page
  5. Fixed an issue where album categories could not be encrypted
  6. Fixed a problem where search returns did not respond
  7. Fixed the problem that the video inserted into the time machine was not displayed
  8. Fix the compatibility issue of the left sidebar in the Firefox and IE browser
Optimize content
  1. New JS, CS s reconstruction structure, will bring better speed
  2. Reduce the use of some external libraries, such as directory tree, and reduce the resource size of the load runtime
  3. Layout optimization of album detail page
  4. Music loading is changed to asynchronous loading to reduce the interference of page rendering
  5. Support for displaying detailed error messages when comments fail
  6. The background setting box can stretch the height, which is convenient for operation

Due to space, only the latest log is displayed. Please refer to Handsome topic update log

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