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Z-blogphp plug-in
2022-01-11 18:05
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It is suitable for any location, information flow and advertisement.

Of course, the above title is eye-catching enough, do not explain too much, really do not understand, you can directly consult me.

Special note: the tool can completely erase the information from the perspective of spider or user. If it is used well, it may be "artifact" or "Shenqi (Sichuan dialect)".

be careful!!! Using this tool requires a basic knowledge of jQuery selectors

What is a jQuery selector? Reference tutorial > >

If you have used the custom collection tool, you can recall class, ID, name etc.

If you don't have such experience and really need it, you can contact me after placing an order and provide it free of charge (first configuration)

#Here is a demo site: million data demo site( https://fire.zhuangbi888.com )

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