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Fengfei aviation technology obtained 100 million US dollars financing

Guide: Recently, Fengfei aviation technology announced the completion of a round financing of 100 million US dollars, which was invested by international aviation capital. Fengfei aviation technology is a large-scale evtol (electric vertical take-off and landing) autopilot R & D and manufacturing enterprise

Fengfei Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to safety

Recently, Shanghai Fengfei Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fengfei aviation technology") announced the completion of a round financing of 100 million US dollars. This round of financing by international aviation capital

The flying car is coming! The company will have 65

Urban air port, the infrastructure as a service (IAAs) Company for flying cars, announced on Thursday that it plans to build flying car transportation hubs in 65 cities around the world in cooperation with Korean car manufacturer Hyundai Motor. According to the joint statement of the two companies, their take-off / landing base (UAP) will be established in the UK

The flying car is coming!

Source: Hainan Special Economic Zone News Under the background of global automobile electrification and intelligent development, flying car, as a new vehicle for urban air traffic and future travel, is increasingly valued by global innovators. It was held yesterday

Flying car made by Xiaopeng: with parachute on sale in 2024

Zhao Deli, founder of Xiaopeng Huitian, said that Xiaopeng Voyager x2 flying car will be launched in 2024. The Voyager x2 flying car is the third manned aircraft exposed by Xiaopeng after Voyager T1 and Voyager x1. The whole body of this flying car is made of carbon fiber, and the weight of the empty aircraft contains battery

Flying cars will usher in a new era of air travel

  September 15 (reporter Kuang Xiaoxia) in the impression of many people, flying cars only exist in science fiction movies and cartoons. With the rapid development of science and technology, the flying car has gradually entered the real world from the screen, becoming a new outlet for many enterprises. September 15, 2021 world new

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