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In the future, flying vehicles may be used in a wider range of fields

      I believe that many people have seen flying cars in science fiction movies. It is a kind of vehicle that can change freely between airplane and car. In recent years, many technology companies around the world are developing this product. Will flying cars come into reality, or are they just wishful thinking after all

2021 Shanghai auto show: Geely / Xiaopeng flying car is coming

        With the continuous development of industry, urban road has become one of the most troublesome topics for human beings. As a result, some people began to gradually put forward the concept of "flying car", using this new means of transportation to ease urban traffic congestion. April 19, Shanghai auto show,

The "flying car" is coming, and next year it will go to heaven! It can drive 500

Video of CCTV finance and Economics According to Russian media reports Rolling wing flying vehicle "cyclocar" It is planned to be launched in 2022 According to reports, the design size of "cyclocar" is It is 6.2m long and 6m wide Designed for up to 250 mph

Flying car into reality or not a dream

    At the Beijing auto show on September 25, 2020, Xiao Peng demonstrated the "prototype" of the vertical takeoff and landing vehicle. The reason why Xiaohei called it a prototype is that it is really like Dajiang's UAV, and there are many people who have the same doubts as Xiaohei. Since Xiao Peng confidently said this year

He Xiaopeng: the fifth generation of Xiaopeng flying car will be released at the end of the year

Source: capital state On April 19, capital state learned that, according to media reports, he Xiaopeng, chairman of xpev.us, announced that the fifth generation of flying car passenger x2 would be released by the end of the year to support two people to ride, and a trial ride would be opened at that time.

Geely flying car has won on the starting line

    With the tide of new energy technology, the rapid development trend is not only the electric vehicle, but also one of the flying vehicles. In fact, there are many innovative companies overseas that have already built the prototype of flying cars. Compared with Geely's tf-2a, overseas flying cars may be more suitable,

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