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Domain name price: . com 85 yuan . net80 yuan . cn 50 yuan Com.cn50 yuan

DNS resolution (intelligent domain name resolution)

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Provide a secure and stable domain name resolution service for enterprise website building, so that users can successfully access your website through the domain name
DNS Resolution - Professional
Suitable for personal, small and medium-sized websites with low daily traffic

Resolution takes effect quickly

Choice of cost performance ratio of enterprises

Support universal resolution of A/CNAME records

one hundred and eighty-eight /Year Original price ¥ 208/year
DNS Resolution - Enterprise
Suitable for small websites such as local and industrial portals

Multi line regional analysis

500w QPS protection value

15 URL forwarding

45% off one thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight /Year Original price RMB 3456/year
DNS resolution - Ultimate
Suitable for e-commerce, trade, entertainment and other medium-sized websites

Advanced anti DDoS intelligent DNS resolution

1000w QPS protection value

DDOS attack alarm

two thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight /Month Original price ¥ 3688/month
DNS resolution - customized version
Website suitable for large-scale protection and customized service needs

QPS protection value up to 200 million

Customized analytic circuit

DNS acceleration

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Provide domain name pollution hijacking protection services for enterprise websites, effectively restore website access, and ensure stable operation of websites
DNS Acceleration - Express
Prevent website DNS hijacking pollution in advance

Resolve that the website resolution does not take effect

Increase website access speed

Prevent domain name hijacking pollution

two hundred and eighty-eight /Month Original price ¥ 388/month
DNS Acceleration - High Speed Edition
Prevent website DNS pollution and improve national access speed

Resolve that the website domain name cannot be accessed

Increase the speed of website access nationwide

It is better to prevent domain name hijacking pollution

five hundred and eighty-eight /Month Original price ¥ 888/month
DNS Acceleration - Extreme Edition
Applicable website DNS hijacking heavily polluted domain names

Applicable to moderately polluted domain names

Accelerate national access to websites

Fix domain name hijacking pollution fast

three thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight /Month Original price ¥ 4888/month
DNS acceleration - customized experience
Provide DNS hijacking pollution solution for medium and large websites

Seriously polluted website

Rapid remediation of pollution

Effectively restore user access in 90% of regions

Limited time offer one thousand five hundred and eighty /3 days Original price ¥ 1880/3 days

SSL Certificate

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Provide HTTPS protection for enterprise websites, strengthen website data security, and improve website search engine ranking
Single domain name certificate
Suitable for small and micro enterprises and personal websites

Protect single domain name

Browser security lock

Automatic issuance within 10 minutes

one hundred and eighty /Year Original price ¥ 280/year
Multi domain name certificate
Suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, e-commerce APP

The same certificate protects multiple domain names

No manual verification required

Increase SEO weight

four hundred and eighty /Year Original price ¥ 680/year
Wildcard certificate
Suitable for large enterprises, government enterprises, etc

Protect unlimited subdomains

Unlimited free reissue certificate

Perfect for all kinds of browsers

nine hundred and eighty /Year Original price ¥ 1280/year

IPv6 conversion

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Help customers quickly realize IPv6 end users' access to existing IPv4 systems, and help enterprises complete IPv6 transformation and upgrading
Basic version (2M)
Applicable to individuals and small and micro enterprises

Simple and easy to use configuration

Access takes effect quickly

Cost effective

ten thousand and eight hundred /Year Original price ¥ 12800/year
Enterprise Edition (5M)
Applicable to small and medium-sized enterprises and public institutions

Simple and easy to use configuration

IPv6 responds quickly

Second level failover

eighteen thousand /Year Original price ¥ 21000/year
Government Affairs (10M)
Applicable to medium and large government websites

Meet government level standards

Support multi node lines

Server cluster deployment

Complimentary IPv6 in-depth detection twenty-seven thousand /Year Original price ¥ 32000/year

Equal insurance compliance service

Teens provides one-stop solutions for national level II and level III evaluation of level II protection and level II protection rectification
Equal protection 2.0 solution
Teens provides customers with one-stop full process equal protection security solutions to help customers complete corporate compliance rectification quickly and at low cost, and easily meet the equal protection compliance requirements.
Equal protection evaluation process

01 System grading

02 System filing

03 Construction rectification

04 Equal insurance evaluation

05 Supervision and inspection

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