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Raksmart June discount - Japan e3-1230 monthly fee $99 / half price of us station group in the first month

June 9, 2020 Raksmart promotion 2851 words in total No comments
Raksmart's activities in June have already started. In this month, we can see that the independent servers in Japan have started to push the main products, and there are some good preferential package products. For example, the monthly fee of e3-1230 independent server in Japan is only $99. At the same time, netizens who need the server of American station group can choose this month. The price of the first month is half price, and the lowest price is 46 dollars. At the same time, we can also see Japanese VPS, Hong Kong servers and other products. (1) i3-2120, single CPU, 8g memory, 1t HDD, 1 IP, mainland optimization, 1
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Raksmart Hong Kong server configuration and simple speed evaluation record in 2020

May 27, 2020 Raksmart promotion 1074 words in total No comments
Raksmart businesses also had Hong Kong server products before, and many netizens chose them. However, the smooth channel used to be taken before was not the business entrusted by itself. A few days ago, many of our netizens should have received e-mail when using raksmart Hong Kong server or VPS host, suggesting that the VPS, server and other products we are using should give us one month to migrate to the new server and IP address. at present, raksmart's Hong Kong servers are built by themselves. Just now our raksmart Chinese network has also been configured for the existing Hong Kong servers
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Configuration and performance evaluation of ROK independent server of raksmart

May 8, 2020 Raksmart promotion A total of 631 words No comments
In 2020, raksmart businesses have indeed changed a lot. From the original independent servers of San Jose data center, station cluster servers and some Hong Kong servers, raksmart has insisted on no new business. In 2020, there will be a lot of new business, especially in the server and VPS machine room. In the previous article, we introduced the Japanese independent server and Japanese VPS host of their home in raksmart Chinese network, and the speed priority was given to the high-quality network, followed by the mainland optimized line and international BGP line. Comparison of the three lines of raksmart Japan network / Mainland optimization / international BGP
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Raksmart may offer - half price of U.S. stations / I3 server as low as $46 a month

May 8, 2020 Raksmart promotion A total of 2738 words No comments
The new products of raksmart computer room will be launched from May 08 to June 5 with "cool summer and strong low price", i3-2120 is as low as $46, the first half price of U.S. station group or one month free one month, Hong Kong server e5-2670v3 * 2 is on the market, as low as $300, newly added 10g / unlimited traffic, and only sold for $699. If we need to purchase raksmart stand-alone server and VPS host in May, we can refer to the activity of this article. (1) i3-2120, single CPU, 8g memory, 1t HDD, 1 IP, mainland optimization, 100M / Unlimited (International BGP, 100
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General usage of raksmart VPS panel - system re installation, traffic monitoring, solusvm

April 24, 2020 Raksmart tutorial A total of 525 words No comments
At present, the raksmart VPS host product we purchased has a panel, and the familiar solusvm management panel is used. However, it is slightly different from the general host companies that they do not need to log in to solusvm for management directly. In the background of raksmart account, you can see the direct entrance and the conventional application software, which is much more convenient than the ordinary businesses who need to log in to solusvm for management. In this article, we will not use the system of solksmart in the past few days. Re install the system
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Comparison and selection of raksmart Japan boutique network / Mainland optimization / international BGP lines

April 22, 2020 Raksmart assessment A total of 431 words No comments
Raksmart Japanese server has three lines to choose from. Many netizens may have some doubts about which line is better when choosing to buy Japanese server. In fact, we have also mentioned in the previous article that raksmart currently has three routes: boutique network, international BGP and mainland optimization. The actual speed is the best, and the best network is cn2. The second is mainland optimization. However, we can see that some Japanese independent servers do not have three lines to choose from. According to the specific packages, we still recommend to choose high-quality network. In the same way
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Raksmart Japan independent server network cn2 comprehensive evaluation speed is excellent

April 20, 2020 Raksmart assessment Of the words No comments
This year, raksmart merchants have added several new data centers. Recently, we have also been paying attention to the Japanese computer rooms of the merchants, including our commonly used Japanese VPS hosts and Japanese independent servers. The data center is also divided into international BGP lines, mainland optimized lines, and boutique networks. In theory, BGP line is NTT line, mainland optimization is half way cn2163 line + NTT, and excellent network is cn2 double line Softbank line, which should be the best speed. In today's article, we have a detailed evaluation of raksmart Chinese network, and we have experienced the line speed of raksmart Japanese independent server boutique network and various conventional evaluation, such as
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Configuration and speed evaluation of VPS host in raksmart

April 15, 2020 Raksmart assessment A total of 579 words No comments
In the early stage, raksmart merchants only had self operated computer rooms in San Jose, including three excellent networks, mainland optimization schemes and international BGP lines. Among them, cn2 is definitely the best line. If we need to choose the VPS host of the United States, we suggest to choose the high-quality network line. In this article, our raksmart Chinese network has sorted out the American boutique network, Los Angeles VPS host, which also includes Linux and windows systems. at the same time, we will demonstrate the performance test of a VPS host of Los Angeles boutique network, so that we can more truly experience whether the VPS host of this line is worth choosing
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The rapid response mechanism of raksmart Chinese customer service is relatively fast

April 14, 2020 Raksmart tutorial 190 words in total No comments
Raksmart was founded by Chinese, and its target market is still in China. If we encounter problems, we can directly ask for solutions in the background work order. Basically, some of our questions will be answered quickly in a few minutes, which is much better than the 24-hour and 48-hour response mechanism of overseas host companies. For example, in the process of using the server, we hope to re install the system. If the server fails, we can find them to solve it. we can see that at present, I submit a work order question, get an immediate response, and then help me to re install the system.
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How about the speed of Japanese VPS? Performance evaluation of raksmart Japan VPS host

April 7, 2020 Raksmart assessment A total of 734 words No comments
Article contents 1, Ping speed test 2, routing trip test 3, Japanese VPS configuration information 4, IO read and write ability test 5, upload and download speed measurement records 6, return route test raksmart this year, the action is still relatively large, there are new raksmart Japanese VPS, Japanese independent server products. In the previous Japanese server evaluation article, we personally tested their Japanese boutique network. At present, the independent server has three lines to choose from: boutique network, mainland optimization and international BGP
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