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WordPress realizes the login function of authorized QQ wechat and microblog

WP optimization barben 2 years ago (March 14, 2019) 3719 views 1 comment


A blog, no user is also useless
A blog, the registered user's place not only looks too ugly, but also can jump to the backstage directly, is also the futile
This story tells us that you have to have a beautiful login interface and a simple login method!
Like this

How to set the one button login function of QQ wechat and microblog?

Here I only give examples of QQ interconnection, other authorization please draw inferences from other examples

QQ Internet official website: https://connect.qq.com/
Microblog open platform: https://open.weibo.com/

1. Carry out developer certification on QQ Internet official website (my certification audit time is less than 1 day)
2. Create a website application
3. Fill in the basic information and more information of the website (record number is required). The format can be filled in according to me. Note that the callback address should be set to: Http: / / your website / WP admin / admin-ajax.php (choose to fill in HTTP or HTTPS according to the situation of your website)

4. When you get here, you will be reminded that the creation has been successful, but you need to review it. However, this audit can be ignored first

5. Back to the application management of QQ Internet Center, you will find that the website application you just created has been displayed, Click view to see the app ID and key you applied for (take a book and write it down, take a test

6. Go to WordPress background to find the plug-in and install it: wechat social login wechat QQ pin login plug-in

7. Enter the plug-in settings, Write down the content of the exam just now Then click save changes below to submit the paper

8. Then you can set the login interface of the plug-in

This is the end of the tutorial. Now enter your website / login? Is this login reminder really delicious?

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WordPress realizes the login function of authorized QQ wechat and microblog- https://www.barben.cn/wpset/275.html
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