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Talk about nofollow and link jump related to SEO.

Website skills Barben 7 months ago (04-02) 349 browse 0 comments

Page white screen just a few seconds to jump to my blog, look at the browser address bar, turned out to be a jump.

Then I opened the censorship element, and I had nothing to say to this person at once.

Speaking of which, I will talk about the core of these codes.

Href and rel in the a tag are the key.

First, let's take a look at the href attribute.

In /go/ Obviously, this is the website address of this man, so let's take a look at the back. AHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuYmFyYmVuLmNu What is it?

First of all, search for "Base64 online decryption" in Baidu, you will suddenly see it: Yo, this is my domain name!!!

The advantage of using jump links is to centralization of the weight of a web page, and to reduce the weight of web pages to jump, which can be said to be low to no weight.

Originally jump links have no SEO weight vote, it is necessary to give my website domain name once again encrypted?

Two, let's talk about the rel attribute again.

Yes, I want to speak now. Nofollow Now!

The meaning of this tag is to tell spiders: do not enter the links that use the nofollow attribute.

The search engine will know that this link is not compiled by the author himself, so it is not a vote of confidence.

Therefore, the voting weight of this link may be reduced or cancelled completely.

Website links have become basically do not know what is the mess code, any weight is not, do you still want to call the search engine from your "encrypted jump links" into my station?

Some are away from the topic, but in the end they want to talk to such people.

Your abacus is very smart. Is it a trick to play with others?

Although friends should not talk about these problems with SEO, no one wants to make friends with such a calculating figure.

Others are willing to give you all the weight, so what do you mean by exchanging such links with people? This is very friendly.

Finally, you look at your website a little bit, HTTPS is not configured completely, the weight of all search engines is also 0, buddy!

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