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WordPress automatically modifies. Htaccess as the default solution

Website tips barben 2 years ago (March 09, 2019) 954 views 0 comments

Problem recurrence:

Following yesterday's article《 How to 301 redirection to forcibly jump HTTP to HTTPS 》After that, I felt the real fragrance of changing documents.


This morning, let's open the website

Wow, are you serious


Open the host and have a look, yesterday's worry has become a reality! Change 301 jump before how, today is how to open!

WordPress's. Htaccess file is often changed. It may be that installing plug-ins or clicking on some settings in the background (such as fixed link, even if you have not modified any value) will unconsciously change the. Htaccess file.


The. Htaccess file only changes the contents from "begin WordPress" to "end WordPress"!

That is to say, I added the wrong position yesterday

In other words, the correct way to open is Add after end WordPress As shown in the figure:

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WordPress automatically modifies. Htaccess as the default solution - https://www.barben.cn/skill/118.html
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