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The home page of the browser has been tampered with as a security navigation system for new Duba?

A little bit of life barben 5 months ago (06-06) 453 views 0 comments

Today, the browser home page is inexplicably set up as a vicious drug bully safety navigation. The most troubling thing is that the protection of the homepage of the browser failed to intercept successfully, and the mentality exploded.

Type in the chrome address bar chrome://version/ (360 browser is se://version/ )You'll find this disgusting website!

I have done the following useless work

1. First of all, check ie options, home page changed to Baidu also invalid, reset browser settings are invalid

2. Then go to other browser settings to find the home page, but still the original address

3. Then decisively search the registry, but still in vain

4. Forced by helpless, opened the anti-virus software in the lock browser home page

I can't think of any way to solve it!
I can't bear the two words!
Those software related to the drug bully will disappear from my computer immediately!

The effective solution to the problem is to uninstall

To sum up, all the problems are caused by the driving spirit. When you want to unload it, it will solve the problem for you honestly.

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