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Vue modularizes data, such as element form verification

Code Notes barben 2 months ago (05-29) 137 views 0 comments

Why modularize data?

Today, when using the form component of element, I saw that the form verification rules were written under the data of the page, which was very messy.
Can I manage all the rules together? So I did these things

Create a JS file

You can put this JS file anywhere you want in the project.

Then, in this JS file, write your data, and use export default to expose the data, as follows:

 Export default your data

Import this JS file

Use import.
You can introduce it on the page you need. Or you can introduce it in main. JS and mount it globally

 import rules from './assets/js/rules'
Vue.prototype.$rules = rules;

Use this data

You can directly call this. $rules to read the content that you exposed in the JS file



Whether you want to unify the management of data or methods, you can use this method to achieve, easy to find and modify later.

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