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CSS penetration: let div go to the top without affecting the element click below

Code Notes barben 2 years ago (October 22, 2019) 24627 views 2 comments

case analysis

The page has a div with copyright information, which is fixed at the bottom.
Every time I open the console, the div hides the "log in now" button.
Because after the page height changes, fixed positioning will make div move up, which just blocks the buttons below.

I have to do it now: Div is displayed at the top without blocking the elements below

Using pointer events to penetrate

You just need to use the following style for this div!

 /*The element mask layer does not block the code for the element below*/ -webkit-pointer-events: none; -moz-pointer-events: none; -ms-pointer-events: none; -o-pointer-events: none; pointer-events: none;

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CSS penetration: let div go to the top without affecting the element click below- https://www.barben.cn/code/626.html
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