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Digital, English and link overflow of block and level elements such as div and P.

Code Notes Barben 6 months ago (04-12) 276 browse 0 comments

Origin of problem

Yesterday, the manager suddenly called on me, saying that there was a style in the project that was blown up and never changed automatically.

I went to look at it, and I found it strange that the automatic line changing is normal in the case of normal Chinese input. How can a longer link be able to overflow itself?

Tossing course

After many times, Baidu...
P tag automatic wrap   Use Baidu Search
The links in the P tag do not wrap.   Use Baidu Search
Look at it again. Overflow Property...

Did not get the answer, as if the key words are so wrong!!! What can I do? I have no choice.


Finally, the problem was discovered.

Unlike Chinese characters, a continuous number or English alphabet does not automatically line wrap as you define a wide box.

So you need to use the CSS style to solve this problem so that they can force the wrap.

 Word-wrap: break-word;

Set this style to the corresponding labels in the code!!!

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Digital, English and link overflow elements such as div and P do not wrap in line - https://www.barben.cn/code/424.html
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