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 Open source FTP / SFTP Client FileZilla v3.49.1 green portable version
Network tools

Open source sfvtp.3.1

Blue star sky 15 hours ago 32414 browse Comments 17

FileZilla is a free, fast and reliable open source FTP client tool designed and produced by Tim Kosse, a famous German software engineer. Although it is a free software, its functional characteristics and user experience are not ambiguous. Compared with those FTP clients who share fees, FileZilla is even better than other FTP clients

 Remote controller TeamViewer port v15.7.7.0h compact green
Network tools

Remote controller TeamViewer port v15.7.7.0h compact green

Blue star sky Five days ago Browse 61657 39 comments

TeamViewer is a free remote control tool based on cloud technology, which is dedicated to online support and real-time collaboration around the world, which is meticulously built by German software technology company of the same name. Since the software came into being, the remote support, remote access and online cooperation are not only popular concepts, but also can easily penetrate the firewall and connect with each other

 File decompressor WinRAR v5.91 final SC Lite compact green
Other tools

File decompressor WinRAR v5.91 final SC Lite compact green

Blue star sky 1 week ago (07-08) 32218 browse 23 comments

WinRAR is a kind of user-friendly and easy-to-use data compression and decompression, compressed file management tool, which is designed and produced by German world old brand win.rar software company. It is ahead of most competitors in continuously realizing smaller file compression, which greatly saves users' disk space, transmission cost and even valuable working time. And international famous

 Medical calculator medcalc Pro v19.3.1 Lite green version
Graphic image

Medical calculator medcalc Pro v19.3.1 Lite green version

Blue star sky 2 weeks ago (07-03) 5385 browse 6 comments

Medcalc is a medical calculator specially designed for biomedical science and medical workers by the famous Belgian medical and statistical software developer of the same name. It can help doctors quickly make professional medical calculation, so as to suit the medicine to the case. It provides more than 76 common rules and methods, including patient data, unit parameters, cost calculation, etc. Inside

 System installer winntsetup v4.2.1 Lite green portable version
system optimization

Winnt2.1 green system installation

Blue star sky 2 weeks ago (07-02) 20100 browse 8 comments

Winntsetup is a powerful lightweight windows operating system installation tool designed and developed by JFX, a famous German green and soft expert. It supports the installation or upgrade of the operating system directly from the hard disk environment or winpe maintenance system environment. You only need to download and decompress the WIM, es