Things have to start with a public sector website testing report. Recently, law enforcement activities in the field of network security are high-frequency and intensive, especially in Pudong New Area. The client told me that their company was detected to have a security vulnerability on its website, which needs me to deal with, and then sent me a security detection report. If you don't panic, you can solve the problem. The records are as follows. 1、 Let's first look at the two report charts, listing three vulnerability names, the first tls1.0
My wife transferred all the data of iPhone 7 to iPhone 11. Finally, this fruit 7, which my daughter had fallen countless times, became mine. It happened that my MI-6 card was dying and was ready to be used in exchange. After brushing the MI-6 machine yesterday, the system did not jam again. So this fruit 7 had to be used to test the small program. This mobile phone has been used for two years, high frequency use, the battery has been overloaded, either minutes to power down to shut down, or minutes to fully charged to revive. So this mobile phone has not yet come to my hand on the Internet to find a piece of
Miui11 should be the worst one in the MIUI system. If there is no one, it will not accept refutation. In addition to the fast consumption of electrodes, the system and application stuck are also well-known. The complaints on the Internet can be described as one after another, and MIUI estimates that it has also seen it. So I came to a sincere work miui12, but I'm afraid that my old MI6 can't bring it up, so I'd better downgrade it to miui10. A lot of things, some time ago the application should be unloaded, last night my daughter saved on the phone
After upgrading the computer for the manager of the production department two years ago, the general manager of the branch company thought it was very fast. He also brought a computer to ask me if I could upgrade it. I promised to take it down first. I got the computer on Sunday. It's an ASUS w419l book. The quality is good, and the maintenance is very good. I 5 CPU, 4G memory, 1t hard disk, there is no optical drive, but the location of the optical drive is left, there is a memory bin in the back cover, good, at least the upgrade should not be hindered, decisive
This problem has bothered me for a long time. At the beginning, I found that when I received the excel file sent by my colleagues on wechat, the mouse would not move at the moment of opening it. I found that the computer crashed, not feigned death, and could not even press NUMBERLOCK, so I had to force the shutdown and restart. I always know this problem, but the frequency of receiving files is not high, so I didn't care. Now during the epidemic, the frequency of online transmission of documents has increased significantly. Who can eat the crash in the past three days or two? So we have determined to find out the reasons
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