To undertake the first part: remote wake up configuration after shutdown, and simply realize Wan remote boot and connection. Last year, when the computer was hung up, it never used the remote desktop. So the article mentioned in the last chapter of the remote desktop has not been written yet. Although there are many similar tutorials on the Internet, there are very few processes from configuring remote desktop to internal network penetration. Because of the different versions of the system, there may be slight differences in the registry. Of course...
Recently, my daughter always took over my computer to see her clever tiger, Paige, pig pig and Wangwang team, which led me to need to deal with something temporarily and borrow her half day computer. I could not get rid of her crying out of a hurry, and I couldn't just temporarily pull out my notebook. My stock notebook, bought in 2011, hardly ever used it. I used to bring it to my customers occasionally, and later I put it in the warehouse. Except for the fucking Hitachi hard disk, there's nothing wrong with it.
On a Sunday morning in May, QQ asked my blog how to configure IP direct access. At that time, he asked me to be ignorant and forced. A professional operation engineer asked me this operation and maintenance idiot. Back then, you know my IP? He said he didn't know that a website of a pit father could search the real IP. It was because my station didn't search so that he came to ask me, which really surprised me hin. So I consulted the situation of the big gangster in detail. The description of the big flute.
Two days ago, when an internal application was done at the front of the nail, the identity information needed to authenticate the user status in the background two times in its own system. Bloggers rarely develop microapplications and small programs, so conventional logic is used to authenticate with session. After session is written, the value of session can not be obtained on the studs, and session is normal with the computer terminal test. Puzzled, Baidu seems to have encountered this problem.
One day, my wife probably read a news online, saying that ibuprofen is poisonous and will eat dead people. Because she knows I prefer all kinds of news and I want to know if I have seen it. Of course, my first reaction was that Bloven could eat the dead, too. This is to eat Bloven. I also said casually that it must be a lie. At last, there was a lot of news about ibuprofen in the following days. As a two year old preparation of ibuprofen, I have to study the true and false news. Ah, why...
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