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Cooperate with the three public clouds to provide fast, stable and safe all-round demand services, and help enterprises gain efficient momentum

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Enterprise cloud solution service platform

Enterprise cloud solution service platform

Empowerment, innovation, transformation, enterprise cloud services that provide the ultimate experience, with safe and effective solutions and professional operation and maintenance services, to escort your cloud journey.

Live video

It provides video live broadcast solutions, and quickly provides end-to-end live broadcast solutions with high concurrency, low latency, high-definition, smoothness, security and reliability.

Online education

Through cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other related technical products, we provide scenario solutions such as online education, accelerate the intelligent transformation of the education industry, and improve the education level.

Transportation logistics

Focusing on the integrated development and transformation of transportation, we will rely on data technology to create a new type of intelligent transportation that "people are happy with their travel, and materials are superior to their flow".

Game industry

Build a professional, fast, stable and safe one-stop cloud service solution for game enterprises, and build a high-quality, strong experience and all-round game cloud platform.

New retail

Traditional retail and brands are facing great challenges in the digital era. They like to use the "new retail" digital solutions of cloud output best practices to help enterprises transform rapidly.

Why choose cloud

The enterprise cloud service that provides the ultimate experience has a safe and effective solution to escort your cloud journey

Elastic calculation

In the Love Cloud, you can flexibly create and release cloud servers according to business needs within a few minutes, and easily respond to rapid changes in business.

Diversified configuration

Provides multiple types of instances, operating systems, and software packages. The CPU, memory, hard disk and bandwidth in each instance can be flexibly adjusted to meet the resource needs of your applications

Secure network

Ensure the security of your cloud resources through the Access Control List and security groups. You can also fully control your private network environment configuration.

Simple management

You can use the cloud console to perform important operations such as network configuration changes and restarts, so that managing instances is as simple and convenient as managing and operating your computer.

Enjoy the cloud and connect to the future

Love Cloud and the three public clouds can provide flexible and smooth experience wherever users are

  • two thousand and eight hundred +

    Global coverage node

  • zero point zero one s

    Average response time

  • seventy +

    Countries covered

  • one hundred and thirty T

    Output bandwidth

Enjoy the cloud and connect to the future

Love Cloud and the three public clouds can provide flexible and smooth experience wherever users are

News of the company

Information announcement, product release, convergence of cutting-edge cloud computing technology

Professional and reliable partners

Cooperate with partners to provide users with enterprise cloud services and industry solutions

Understanding Love Cloud

Aiyong Cloud Co., Ltd

Founded in 2019, it is a cloud product management service provider (cloud) specialized in providing cloud computing services, DDOS protection, network security services, data center hosting and leasing, etc.. We have access to China Telecom's CN2 GIA advanced homecoming optimized special line in the Hong Kong/US data center, with low latency, high QoS priority, fast direct connection to the mainland of China, and extremely friendly to delay sensitive businesses.

Aiyong Cloud vigorously promotes the transformation of Internet information security and cloud computing, holds formal idc licenses, ISP licenses, and provides more than 12000 customers with cloud security protection, cloud strategy consulting, cloud architecture planning, cloud operation and maintenance control and other services and industry solutions with good reputation, stable servers, and a strong team of technical experts.

Authoritative qualification certificate

Get a lot of compliance certification, so you can use it with confidence

  • ISO9001

  • Technology giant

  • ISO270001

  • Huawei Cloud Partner Competency Center

  • AliCloud partners

  • Tencent Cloud Partners