There are many WordPress music plug-ins, but few of them support HTTPS and are easy to use. This plug-in does not lose the small green lock, and it has been used for a while. I feel good and share it with you!

Plug in features:
Support to directly call the single/album/song list and local music of Netease Cloud Music, Xiami Music, QQ Music, Kugou Music, Baidu Music (and will be supported soon)
WordPress deep integration, which can be called by at least three keys
Keep updated synchronously with APlayer, compatible with all functions of APlayer
The music API is updated rapidly and remains highly available all the time
Support automatic lyrics acquisition (Netease Cloud Music&Xiami Music support lyrics translation!)
Netease Cloud Music and Xiami Music support HTTPS calls

Demo: the current theme has changed to typecho. There is no demo yet

usage method:
Click Add Music on the article editing page, as shown in the figure

Background settings

Overloading method of Pjax theme:
Add: reloadHermit()

After each Ajax refresh, Hermit X will stop playing and reload the player on the page (if any)

Author GitHub project

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