Most landlords in major app stores need to register and recharge online. Some apps have pop-up ads, and some even send an on-demand short message to deduct the phone bill. However, some elderly people who are not good at playing with smart phones often incur unnecessary expenses. Here's how this software can solve the above problems.

Game features

  1. Pure green stand-alone, no advertising, no charge, no networking
  2. No consumption of mobile phone traffic! Compatible with most Android systems, efficient, power saving and safe.
  3. newly added : LAN WiFi can play with friends


Download address

Baidu online disk: Single bucket landlord green version
Password: 9ywk

2020.09.30 New LAN mode, LAN playing with friends

Lanzuo Cloud (recommended): Single console landowner _ LAN
Password: 9ywk

Baidu online disk: Single console landowner _ LAN
Password: aiwr

The software has been on the mobile phone for a long time, and the source seems to be Wuai Cracker Network.
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