Xiaomi 8 installs Google Play service suite

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Backup and restore the installation of Google Play service. The test is normal at Mi8 MIUI9.5.6.0. The detailed steps are as follows

  1. First, go to Xiaomi 8 Settings - More Settings - Backup and Reset - Local Backup - New Backup - Software Program - Select a software backup at random.
  2. Download Xiaomi 8 Backup to restore and install Google Play Suite. And unzip!
  3. Cut the unzipped folder "20180702_212819" to the file management MIUI backup AllBackup directory
  4. Enter/ Backup and reset - local backup - click the backup package "21:28, July 2" to start the recovery
  5. Restart the phone

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Download address

Baidu online disk: Xiaomi 8 installs Google Play service suite
Password: 3pda



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