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Preparation conditions

  • You need to install an ADB driver
  • After the mobile phone is connected to the computer, enter settings - Developer options - Open USB debugging - mobile phone - pop up box: all USB debugging is allowed

Installing the ADB driver

Here is an article written by a foreign author course I use win7 demo here, download first ADB driver , unzip

1. First, right-click computer - properties - advanced system settings - environment variables;
2. Pop up the "environment variable" dialog box, and click "new" in the system variable.
In the new system variable, the configuration variable name: Android variable value: F: ADB platform tools latest Windows platform tools (the full path of the ADB development tools in the Android SDK directory) is shown in the figure above

3. Edit the system variable path and modify it to the newly created environment variable
4. Open the CMD tool of Windows 7 system, input ADB, and press enter. If the parameter appears, the installation is successful.
After the above preparations are ready, input them in the CMD terminal adb devices

Installation and use

  1. Installation method 1:
    One click download and installation, no need to build an environment. To use it foolishly, please download the binary compression package of the corresponding operating system on the release page. After decompression, execute the jump file
 $ ./jump
  1. Installation method 2:
    Manual installation, development and debugging
 $ go get -u autojump_ game $ cd $GOPATH/src/ autojump_ game/cmd $ go run main.go


  • /jump -s 1.392 parameter s Represents the distance and velocity value, which can be adjusted appropriately with different resolutions
  • /jump -m 2000 parameter m Indicates the sleep time in milliseconds


  • Screen capture of game using ADB shell
  • Read the screen capture image, get the current position, the next jump position, calculate the jump distance and touch screen time
  • Use the ADB shell to send the input swap event to jump

This paper refers to

  1. How to install ADB on windows, MacOS and Linux
  2. Using golang to realize the automatic play of wechat jump game
  3. Methods and steps of configuring ADB environment variables in win7

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