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SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and its successor Transport Layer Security (TLS) are a security protocol that provides security and data integrity for network communication. TLS and SSL encrypt network connections at the transport layer. After the SSL certificate is enabled, the website will use https encryption to link. The data transmission will be more secure. The search engine will pay more attention to SSL, which is conducive to SEO.

Wotong SSL It is a domestic certificate business, with many certificate prices, hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands. However, it also provides free SSL certificate application, which is good for small and medium-sized stations. If the demand is relatively large, it is recommended to purchase a charged SSL certificate. After all, you can get the certificate for every penny. Let's see how to apply for a free SSL certificate from Votone.

1: Fill in the domain name and verify it

Open Wotong free application address Fill in the basic information such as domain name. PS: If you haven't registered, please register first.
After submitting the application, verify the domain name ownership. If your host does not have a domain name server, you can use the free domain name mailbox of NetEase or Tencent.

2: Submit CSR

Open my order and submit CSR. There are two application methods. One is to generate CSR by the system and set the certificate protection password

3: Download Certificate

After submitting the application, I will be prompted to wait for 3 minutes within 1 hour. The certificate was successfully issued and downloaded to the local computer to save it. If you accidentally delete the downloaded certificate file, you can only reapply. In particular, when you click to take away the certificate, Wotong will permanently delete your certificate file from the server. Please keep your certificate properly.
PS: The default validity period of Votone SSL certificate is three years. The downloaded certificate file decompression password is the long password you just set. After decompression, you can get several compressed packages as shown in the figure, depending on your server environment. For example, if your server is Apache, you can decompress for Apache, get several key and public key files, and install them on your server. Before installation, you must backup the website to avoid data loss caused by errors.
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