WordPress thoroughly cleans up the remaining WP of unloaded themes and plug-ins_ Options data table

WordPress thoroughly cleans up the remaining WP of unloaded themes and plug-ins_ Options data table

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When we install the theme and plug-in, we will send the_ A lot of data is inserted into the options table. Many themes / plug-ins will not be deleted when they are unloaded. Since WordPress was changed, there are a lot of themes and plug-ins, and there are a lot of twists and turns. Over time, the database is bloated and the blog content is not much. On the contrary, the database is getting bigger and bigger, which affects the speed. Of course, familiar friends can also go directly to phpMyAdmin to clean up. Here's a quick clean-up of WP_ Options table.
[scode type = red "] tip: using the following method, plug-in settings and some settings of themes will be cleared
For example, SEO, statistical code, CSS and other long content in the theme settings can be copied and backed up to facilitate setting.

Backup database

1. The database must be fully backed up before operation, not WP_ Options table, remember!!!

2. Disable all blog plug-ins

Rebuild WordPress

1. Rebuild WordPress in the host or local environment, and set it according to the previous blog after installation (site URL is not set as blog address for the time being)

2. Enter the database and export WP_ Options table. The local environment is usually in the

Enter blog database

1. Enter the blog database and add WP_ Delete the options table. Again, backup the database completely before operation.
2. Import the WP just exported_ Options table. Open WP after import_ Options table, in option_ Name column to find the siteurl and home modify option_ Value is the URL of the site into the blog (usually on the top, the URL needs the full address and https://... http://...
3. Come here WP_ The number of rows in the options table is already very small. The cleaned up image is now.

Enter the blog background

Re enable the settings once.


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