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"Companion travel" is the first online self-made outdoor reality show created by Zhang Xinyu and Liang Hong. They are global explorers who do not take the ordinary road. Driving through the Middle East, sailing, Arctic marriage proposal, Antarctic marriage, flying around the world, live satellite

Season 1

Broadcast by Youku in September 2013
Zhang Xinyu, Liang Hong and his party visited the capital of terror in Somalia, went to oimiyakan, the world's frigid city, and uncovered the mysterious veil of the ghost city of Chernobyl... Their hearts never stop. After they were attacked by a strong typhoon and acid rain on the malum crater, they tenaciously survived. Video link

Season 2

Youku broadcast at the end of 2013
Zhang Xinyu wants to marry Liang Hong in Antarctica. The 235 day storm begins: searching for sea women, sailing into the zonggu Strait, encountering ghost ships, stepping on the abandoned military bases of the Soviet Union and the United States, talking to the Japanese maritime security agency, exploring the mysterious bones under the Holy Well of San Antonio... Accompanied by the huge waves that can overturn the sailboat at any time, their hearts and the sky are overcast, broad and free. They are accompanied by soul and blue sky against the wind, and pay high respect to life with oath. Video connection

Season 3

It was broadcast by Youku in June 2015. It was suspended for other reasons on November 21, 2015 and resumed on August 20, 2016.

Drive all the way west 20000 kilometers, through 16 countries in the Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Islamic State Video link

Our partner

At the end of April 2017, Shenzhen satellite TV, Tencent video broadcast
Zhang Xinyu and Liang Hong piloted the domestic aircraft yun12, crossed five continents, three oceans, 23 countries, and traveled 80000 kilometers, realizing the first round the world flight of Chinese aircraft. Video connection

On the world of satellite broadcast

Live broadcast of panda in August 2017
This time, four satellites were hired for live broadcasting across Siberia, Russia. Live link


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